Chance me for Emory ED 1 please?? and recommend other schools?

<p>Hi guys! I am a rising Senior from Georgia, and planning to apply to several colleges this fall! Can you please tell me what my chances are looking like for getting accepted into Emory for ED1? I also plan to apply to UGA and Vanderbilt for RD. Can you guys suggest some other schools that would be reasonable for me to apply to (safeties and reaches)? I want to do Pre-med and major in Economics. Thanks!!</p>

<p>GPA(unweighted)- 3.83
Rank- 79/590ish
Competitive high school in Georgia
SAT- 2050 ( 640 Math, 690 Reading, 720 Reading) - Retaking in October and expecting/hoping for a 2100 and 700ish Math
Ap Scores- Physics B- 4, Environmental Science- 4, US History-3, Language Arts - 3
low income family</p>

Honors Alegebra- B,A
Honors Biology- A,A
Honors Geography- A,A
Spanish 1-B,B
Honors Language Arts-A,A

Gifted Language Arts- A,A
Gifted Chemistry- B,B
Honors World History- A,A
Honors Spanish 2 - A,A
Honors Geometry- A,A
Computer Apps/ Law (electives) - A,A</p>

AP US History- B,A
AP Environmental Science-A,A
AP Physics B-A,A
AP Lang-A,A
Honors Pre-Calculus-A,A
Honors Spanish 3-A,A</p>

<p>overall rigor- toughest classes, except one AP class was offered in both Freshmen and Sophmore year, but I took the Honors course instead. Also, I only took Honors Math courses instead of the Gifted offered. </p>

<p>Senior year courseload-
AP Literature
AP Psychology
AP Calculus AB
AP Econ/Gov
AP Biology
Honors Spanish 4</p>

Founder and President of Indian Cultural Club (12th grade)
Vice President of Environmental Club (12th grade)
Special Events Coordinator of Spanish Club (11th) .... going for President this year
Member of Ultimate Frisbee Team- (11th,12th)
Member of local travel baseball team- (9th-12th)
3rd place in lightweight division of Mr. Parkview bodybuilding contest- (11th)
Member of Mu Alpha Theta along with 30 hours or so of tutoring ( 11-12th)
85 hours or so of summer hospital volunteering ( Emory University Hospital and Grady Hospital)- (11th)
private SAT tutor- (11th-12th)
4x academic letter recipient (9th-12th)
National Spanish Exam honorable mention- (11th)
AP Scholar with distinction (11th)
I plan to do more local tutoring/volunteering
I plan to join Beta Club</p>

<p>demonstrated interest in Emory-
went on official campus tour
attended official information session at Emory
on the mailing list
plan to visit representative when he comes to a local school in my county in October
volunteered at Emory University Hospital </p>

<p>Essay/Recs- should be good</p>

<p>some other schools that I’ve been considering are WashU, Johns Hopkins, Duke and maybe publics like UCLA, UC Berkeley, U Mich, UNC, UT Austin, … I feel like I have no chance/very little chance for those privates because my test scores are simply not high enough. I also feel like I have low chances for the publics, because I am an out of state applicant. What do you guys suggest I do? I need some schools to apply to, just in case I don’t get into Emory for ED1.</p>

<p>bump for some responses</p>

<p>It seems ur gpa is right on track. And sat could improve more. U should retake it. It seems like a good application. Try to get like some cc work,othetwise u should get in no problem.</p>

<p>SAT could definitely improve a little more. Aim for 2200 (which really isn’t that much harder to get than your current score). Now isn’t the time to add more to your ECs. Colleges want to see someone with a few highly developed interests. Work on developing what you have and you’re good for most public colleges.</p>

<p>YoungTurk, so do you think I can still get into the top publics like UMich, UCLA, UNC, Berkeley, UT Austin, ect. even though I am out of state?</p>

<p>Both your gpa and SAT are within range of emory. try to improve your SAT score (especially math) in october and you can close to lock yourself a spot!</p>

<p>Like everyone else have said already, you’re on a great track! Def raise your rank is just a little problem, but overall great!</p>

<p>You have a great application! Awesome GPA and class rank, rigorous schedule, and good EC’s. The only thing that could really be improved is your SAT score…definitely do a lot of practice over the summer to get a really good score, that’ll help boost your application a lot. Other than that, you seem to have a great chance!
Good luck :D</p>

<p>Haha we are actually pretty similar in our stats. The rank worries me but besides that for ED you should be fine. 2050 is plenty for ED. Everyone chance me back as well (I got no where near this many responses lol :frowning:
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<p>I’d say its a low reach/ match definitely apply.</p>

<p>bump up your SAT to like 2100 and i think you have a very good shot. and write a good/unique essay</p>

<p>Could you guys also chance me for UGA, Georgia Tech, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and WashU?? Or should I narrow that down more… if I don’t get in Emory, I still want to get into another top school.</p>


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<p>Update: I raised SAT score up to 2120 ( 680 Math, 690 Reading, 750 Writing) , my gpa is actually 3.86, and I also managed to get the president position of Spanish Club. What would you say chances are now? I already applied ED1 to Emory. So I’m just crossing my fingers at this point…</p>