Chance me for Engineering/Math at Top or Close to Top Schools!

<p>Operations Research, Financial Engineering, Statistics, Applied Math, maybe Economics or computer science (as a minor) are the types of majors I'm looking at.</p>

<p>It would be great to chance at all these schools, and of course I have some safeties.
Applying to Programs like: (feel free to offer any suggestions, prefer northeastern region of the US, chicago is my exception)</p>

<p>Cornell ORIE, NYU OR, Columbia IEOR, Princeton Applied Math or ORFE, Uchicago Applied math, CMU, Northwestern U IEMS, MIT Sloan Managment Science (OR concentration)</p>

<p>Note applying to Cornell ED (College of Engineering most likely)</p>


<p>SAT: 2190 (790M, 690CR, 710W) (may retake in October, not sure, depends on ACT)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 780 Chemistry, 800 US History
PSAT: 212 (80M, don't remember others) - Merit Commendation
ACT: Not sure, scores back today (estimate 32-36 most likely)
AP tests so Far: Stat, US, World, Lang, Physics B
GPA: 100/100 (Max, Straight As, never below an A)
Rank: Top 5% (School doesn't rank, but estimate, could be higher, probably not lower).</p>

<p>Senior courseload (hardest in grade, literally, my rigor has always been the hardest available at my school)
AP Us Gov
AP Comp Gov
AP Calc BC
AP Spanish Language
AP English Literature
AP Chemistry
AP Macro Economics
AP Micro Economics
Research (Intel competitor)
(Advanced) Computer Programming</p>

-Cornell Summer College (3 credits)
-Intel Research
-Intern at business in the city over the summer
-Debate Team Captain (Forensics) 9-12
-Chess Team President (have a USCF rating and one of the best seniors in my county, with 16 teams) 9-12
-Mathletes Officer Position Treasurer 10-12
-Treasurer of local community service extension run by Cornell (just got shut down due to budget cuts, may start again, was invited to the state competition in public speaking with this club, I was in it when it first started this year through the end)
-President of Spanish Honor Society (Picked by several teachers out of a group)
-Member of National Honor Society
-Member of Political Science Club (just started this year)
-Helping a teacher run a new business/website by writing articles about finance (just senior year)
-Working at a nursing home this summer for 50-60 hours, already have 30-40 hours of service before this</p>

-VERY Competitive Public School (Sends dozens of kids to Ivies per year)
-Don't know income bracket, but will apply for financial aid.</p>

<p>Edit: ACT 34 (29 Eng, 34 M 36 R, 36 S)</p>

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<p>ED I would say you have a fine shot at all of the aforementioned schools, but I’ll break it down for you:
Cornell ED- Match, with your stats/ school reputation you should get in (But is an Ivy so you never know…)
NYU- Safety (I’m not familiar with your specific program but generally anything outside Stern should be a safety for you)
Princeton-High-reach (highly unlikely, to be honest)
UChicago- Depends on essays. If they are great your in, otherwise forget about it
CMU-Match (Keep in mind it is very difficult to get into the CS program there though)
Northwestern-Match (show interest if possible, though)
MIT- Reach, but again will come down to your essays. If they’re great you have a reasonable shot, otherwise not so much…
Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for the input!
Anyone else!!?</p>

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