CHANCE ME FOR HARAVARD!! *be a man and do the right thing! ;)

<p>Hi Everyone,</p>

<p>I hope this title grabbed your attention ;)
I editted and updated my last thread, and thus reposting.</p>

<p>Thanks for your advices fellow friends!</p>

<p>Asian international student living in Canada (started ABC's 7 years ago)</p>

<p>GPA Weighted: 4.2/4.5
GPA Unweigted: 3.9/4</p>

<p>Class Ranking (Top 10%) - our school does 10%, 25%...Private School (100 students per grade)</p>

<p>Grade 9 - 85% Avg.
Grade 10 - 86% Avg.
Grade 11 - 92% Avg.
Grade 12 - 96% Avg. (goal)</p>

<p>SAT I:
CR: 750
WR: 800, 12
MA: 780</p>

<p>SAT II:
Math IIC: 800
Chem: 770
Literature: 730</p>

<p>Advanced Placement:</p>

<p>AP Econ Micro: 5
AP Econ Macro: 5
AP Calculus AB: 5
AP Music Theory: 5 (aural: 5, non-aural: 5)
AP Psychology: 4
AP Chemistry: 4
AP English Language: 4
AP European History: 4</p>

<p>University of British Columbia Faculty of Arts (concurrent-studies student)
PSYC 102 - social, clinical, developmental psyc: A-
PHIL 120 - intro to logical and critical thinking: A-</p>

<p>Fall 2011/2012 Term course-load:</p>

<p>AP English Literature
AP Human Geography
AP Spanish
AP French
AP Calculus BC
Law 12</p>

PSYC 308 - social psychology (third year psyc)
ECON 225 - introduction to globalization (second year psyc)</p>

<p>Academic Honors:
AP Nat. Scholar - gr. 10
Various School Awards</p>



<p>Associate of Royal Conservatory of Toronto = Piano Professional Degree Diploma: First Class Honors with Distinctions (93/100)</p>

<p>Seattle International Piano Competition Alternate Finalist (14-18yrs)</p>

<p>KCHF International Music Festival: Piano Advanced Class: First Place</p>

<p>Vancouver 2010 Olympics Piano Solo Performance (Youth Talent Showcase @ Olympic Village)</p>

<p>British Columbia Conservatory of Music Competition: First Place (Open Class)</p>

<p>Kiwanis Vancouver Music Festival: First Place (Open Class)</p>

<li>12 years of piano playing</li>
<li>Volunteered + 500 hours @ various senior care facility centres, covenant houses, hospitals since grade 9</li>
<li>Will send 15 minute recording of Rachmaninoff Concerto No.2 (excerpt) + Un Sospiro Liszt, Bach Prelude and Fugue C# Major</li>

<p>Model UN:</p>

<p>Harvard WorldMUN Vancouver 2012: Academic Coordinator: Specialized Agencies and Crises</p>

<p>Canada International Model UN: Founder and Secretary General - will be first international high schools MUN conference in Canada sponsored by UN Canada, Gov of Canada, BC Government (will put website up - it'll be in april, mark your calendars and come!)</p>

<p>Canadian High Schools MUN 2011: USG Committees</p>

<p>Vancouver MUN 2011: Director of Economic and Social Council</p>

<p>Conenct MUN 2011: Chief of Staff</p>

<p>CAHSMUN 2010 - Best Del. (IMF)
VMUN 2010 - Best Del. (ECOSOC)
CAHSMUN 2009 - Hon Mentions.
VMUN 2009 - Hon Mentions.
NHSMUN 2009 - Participation</p>

<p>Founder and Head Del - School MUN Club</p>


<p>BC Provincial Independent Schools Debate Tournament: First Place (Juniors)
Westerns Canadian Public Speaking Competition: Fifth Place (Overall)
School-wide Public Speaking: First Place</p>

<p>*School Debate Club Gr.10 - Gr.12 (co-captain)</p>


<p>Tae Kwon Do Third Degree Black Belt Instructor (500HRs +) (gr.9 -12)
School Badminton Captain, MVP 2010 (Gr.9-12)</p>


<p>School Student Executive (gr.11)
School Art Magazine Editor-in-chief (Gr.10-12)
School Chamber Orchestra concertmeister (Gr.9-12)</p>

(Each Rec will have different information and flavors - all connecting to one whole of consistency)
School Headmaster - development from gr.7-12 (personal and academic) - I had a troubled academic and personal past from gr.7-9 (grades reflect that above)</p>

<p>Eng Teacher (Head Dep for 27 yrs): taught me eng lang, eng lit, debate coach - we are best buddies. Will write about:debate, started 7 years ago english, my crazy innovation, work ethic, 97% on gr.12 provincial standardized exam)</p>

<p>Soc. Teacher (Head Dep for 25 yrs): taught me Gr.10 Socials, AP Human Geo - we are great friends. she saw me change a lot to a new person - like a caterpillar to a dragon butterfly (similar feeling to headmaster's) - will at length discuss my reverence to MUN and politics alike</p>

<p>Counselor: he thinks of me highly (already recommended me to an Oxf. Adms Off.)</p>

<p>Essay: Common App
will be unique (I can assure you that - I am sure not many will talk about tomatoes in detail) ;)</p>

Personal Development (consistent with teacher recs)</p>

<p>My Ares of interest:

<p>Will pursue: musical performance</p>

<p>Please Chance me for:</p>

<p>Harvard (please give detailed advices especially for this one)
UPenn Wharton
Cornell Arts
London school of economics</p>

<p>Considerations: freshman and sophomore grades vs. upward trend
MUN and Piano: will my penetrating degree of involvement depart me from asian stereotypes?</p>

<p>I highly value your thoughts. I will chance you back for sure. Thank you so much, and have a fantastic day!</p>

<p>How popular is Russell Peters among your peers? Because your a canadian Asian, I would assume he is very popular. Asian with lowish academics as an international (especially from a country from which a fair amount of students apply), it's iffy.</p>

<p>Yah, so you have a very impressive resume... but predicting your chances for Harvard, is sooo unpredictable. You would be a great canidate though!</p>

<p>russel peters - not very popular - his trend is gone (ironic to my title!)</p>

<p>lowish academics - lol in Canada, academic standars are clearly lower than US. (good because adcom compare within schools and bc - regional offcers)</p>

<p>Your piano and MUN is very impressive. Your grades, not so much. Your test scores are okay, not bad, not great. Your other EC's are good, but unfortunately you're Asian and not US. I am not sure if your "penetrating degree of involvement" will set you apart, at least since lots of Asians are at high level in piano, although probably most not as high as you. Well, just kill the essays, hope for good recs, and you have a good shot, but, it's Harvard, so a reach and crapshoot for 99.999% of the applicants.</p>

<p>Does Canada have a quota at Harvard?</p>

<p>with a title saying HARAVARD with 3 As, then you are clearly lying about your critical reading score.</p>

<p>haha goodness that's hilarious. Good find cod ;)
but cr is correct </p>

<p>BTW, Canadian system has a grading system where anything above 86% is an A.</p>

<p>Last year, I think BC had 5 students go to Harvard. One from my school, two from school at another prestigious prep school, two from somewhere else (one athletic for hockey)</p>

<p>Very solid stuff... And for the Russell Peters line... I'd say your chances are 60%!</p>

<p>YES! 60%!!!</p>


<p>I came to Canada so that 7 years later I will have more open doors to education, aka, road to ivy league or equally great US schools.</p>

<p>I would think you have great extracurriculars, (MUN/Music) and decent test scores that wouldn't keep you out. The only thing that is worrying is your grades. For Harvard, I think they expect no less than outstanding everything so i would say its a reach</p>

<p>Impressive! Just work on your spelling. :) Harvard, not Haravard and et cetera, not Ecetra.</p>

<p>^ crazy I was spelling bee champ in province to qualify for nationals after learning 2 years of alphabet. can there be a greater ironie? ;) (yes, it's intended)</p>

<p>You are an Asian male international.
You need to have more colleges on your list.
Almost all selective colleges will be high reaches if you apply for FA.</p>

<p>Vanderbilt: No essay, Asian friendly
Wash U: No essay, better chances if you do not apply for FA
Notre Dame: Asian Friendly
Dartmouth: No essay
Middlebury College: No essay, Asian friendly
Carleton College: Asian Friendly</p>

<p>Why not University of Chicago EA if you are applying to London school of economics?
What about Northwestern?</p>

<p>20more: there's something called shopping cart on CommonApp. Universities can see which unis you are applying to.</p>

<p>BUMB - I need more advices, because I know my application is riddled with problems!</p>

<p>la-bump - help out man!</p>

<p>I guess good chances with your well-roundedness. HYPS hard to say definitively. Others pretty much in.</p>

<p>how about columbia? columbia has a history of weird acceptances..</p>

<p>I think that you can do it, but I'd apply to some of the schools 20more suggested! Particularly Vandy, Wash U, Dartmouth, and Middlebury! Good luck!</p>

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