Chance me for Ivies and Top 20 schools

<p>Top 5% of graduating class
3.95 UW, 4.3 W
Taken every AP offered except for Spanish (most in senior year)
2320 SAT, 1570 CR+M
AP exams: 5 on APUSH, Biology, environmental science, and psychology
SAT 2: 800 Bio-M, 800 Math-2, 780 US History, 790 Chemistry
Race: Indian</p>

<p>National Merit Semifinalist
Volunteer EMT (1 yr)
Volunteer at hospital (3 yr)
Shadow doctoring (few months)
Tutor for math league (<1 yr) and taught in foreign country (summer)
Mini-med school program (few months after-school)
American Legion Boys State delegate (1 week)
Cappies program, published writer (2 yr)
Member of all Honors Societies at school, co-founder of science club
Lots of small other clubs</p>

<p>No research or leadership positions in clubs except for being treasurer of Spanish Honor Society and Sci Club co-founder</p>

<p>I am applying to HYPM (deferred from Harvard EA), Columbia, UPenn, NW, Brown, Duke
And BS/MD programs and safeties (state schools + easier UGs)
Applying for Biomedical engineering for the schools that have it, indicated pre-med interest too though.</p>

<p>You have an excellent chance! You have some nice ECS, GREAT test scores, and a solid GPA! Just as everyone, you have crossed the thresholds and as long as you distinguished yourself in your essays, had good recs, etc. I'd say you can expect AT LEAST a nice thick acceptance letter from at least one ivy :) </p>

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<p>You sound like you know your weaknesses - ECs.
Numbers are all in line with Harvard so you're fine on that aspect.
Ivies are hard to predict but I think you stand a great chance.
chance back:<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>May or may not have committed the highly unethical act of reading my LoRs (primary two from Eng teacher and Sci), and they were pretty glowing. Not sure about guidance (had her only for a few months, and she doesn't exactly love me) or my 3rd teacher (used only for a few schools, I think it's good)</p>

<p>You have a really good chance numberwise!
But since so many of those schools are crap shoots :( you never know what they're looking for... and they just might reject you.
They're all low to mid reaches, so you should get accepted to quite a few. However, just to be safe, apply to a few safeties.
Counselor recs are pretty important, but as long as they don't suck you should be fine.
Chance back?<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'll confirm what others are saying. Due to the number of other highly competitive apps from students who have a lot of leadership, awards, research, etc. the ivy route looks very difficult. Probably NW is your best shot in terms of top 20, but others are not ruled out. Given your decent scores and med experience, you'll likely see some interview letters coming in.</p>

<p>Great scores are definitely in the range for the top 20... great for ivies like Cornell, Dartmouth... of course it's a stretch for everyone for Harvard/Yale. Your ECs aren't extraordinary but compliment your GPA and scores nicely. I think you'll do great. Chance me back? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>