Chance me for ivies?

<p>Hello all, I'm currently a senior in a highly competitive high school in PA, and am getting ready to send college apps in. I am interested in pursuing a career in economics or finance, and was just wondering what would be some nice colleges to apply to. I've already been geared towards Princeton but I've also been looking at UPenn's Wharton and also Cornell's Dyson school. If you guys could recommend good safeties and reaches as well that'd be great. Thanks!</p>

My school doesn't have A-, A, or A+'s. A 90 - 100% is an A. The same applies for B's, C's, and so on. </p>

<p>9th grade course load:
Spanish 1: A
Western Cultures Semester 1: A
Civics Semester 2: A
Algebra 1: A
Art Semester 1: B
Food for Today Semester 2: B
Chemistry: B
English: A
Info Tec: A</p>

<p>10th grade course load:
(H) English 10: B
World Cultures: A
Geometry: A (couldn't take honors because of scheduling conflict, will point out in apps)<br>
(H) Algebra 2: A
Biology: A<br>
Online Spanish 2: A
Entrepreneurship: A</p>

<p>11th grade course load:
(H) English 11: A
(AP) U.S. History: A (5 on exam)
(H) Pre-calc: A
(AP) Physics: B (4 on exam)
Online Spanish 3: A
(H) Financial Accounting 1: A</p>

<p>12th grade course load (grades I have so far this year...really challenged myself):
(AP) European history: A
(AP) English 12: A
(H) Financial Accounting 2: A
(AP) Calculus: A
(H) Financial Accounting 2: A
(H) Online Spanish 4: A
(AP) Stat: A</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.89
W GPA: 4.77 (I know this doesn't really matter but why not)</p>

<p>I took the SAT's last year and scored 2150 first try, second try I got 2210.
SAT II: U.S. History - 700, Math level 2 - 750, Spanish - 630
ACT: 32 (not good as fast paced tests)</p>

<p>Over 300 volunteer hours. </p>

<p>Clubs and leadership:
FBLA Treasurer (2 years), Finance club VP (2 years), Homeroom representative (3 years), Student council member (3 years), Executive council member (3 years), Science club (4 years), member of National honor society.</p>

Lightweight rower for 3 years. Club team at my school. 6:48 2k.
Track and field for 4 years (throwing). Won awards at state competition.</p>

<p>Interesting hooks:
-Speak Ukrainian and Russian fluently.
-Traveled to Ukrainian orphanages summer volunteering through my church.
-Started trading stock at 14. 20% return rate. Portfolio is worth over 500k now. Really I think this is the only thing that really distinguishes me from other applicants.
-Make websites on side for family members, friends of my family. Make some money off of that (probably around 10k for the couple years I've been doing it).</p>

<p>Other info:
Caucasian female with parents income combined of around 400,000 annually.</p>

<p>If I don't qualify for any of the ivies, what would be some other business schools in the country around the top 20 that I could definitely get into? Thank you so much!</p>


<p>First, I guess you aren’t going for FA because you sound loaded :slight_smile: Just joking but still. wow.</p>

<p>2nd I don’t really get why your school is highly competitive and basically ¶ northeastern but only has whole grades but yet has weighted grades into the decimals. Anyway math isn’t my strong suit, either.</p>

<p>Your scores will probably hurt you the most, they don’t seem like Ivy scores, and I know because I looked and I’m an athletic recruit and get the extra credit. It exists. If you’re not being recruited for crew now, you’re not being recruited at all.</p>

<p>I hope some other posters have some ideas about schools with strong UG business programs, though why haven’t you been researching this before now? It’s October. I’m not trying to be mean but … it’s October.</p>

<p>Yankee, thanks for your reply! What do you mean by “your scores will probably hurt you the most”. What did I not do well on? Do you mean testing or just my grades in general? Is my course load not rigorous enough?</p>

<p>^Low SAT II scores.</p>

<p>Would it be okay if I just didn’t send in my SAT II scores and just my SAT and ACT? If I’m not eligible for Ivies, what would be some other good colleges I could apply to?</p>

<p>Yeah, the thing is, your ACT score isn’t all that great either.</p>

<p>Try applying to NYU, UCLA, and other schools in the #25-50 region.</p>

<p>Just for the hell of it, would a more challenging course load 9th and 10th grade have given me a better chance at the ivies or do those 2 years not really matter?</p>

<p>The most important year is Junior year. You should have shown a rigorous courseload throughout all of your high school career. But still apply to Ivies. I mean, what do you have to lose other than the application fee?</p>

<p>I’d say the test aren’t stellar but they aren’t bad either. Go for it, Your overall application still seems pretty good!</p>

<p>The SAT 2 scores are fine but I question your 2k time. If you are a lightweight female with a 6:48 2k you’d be recruited. Actually that time would beat the world record. </p>

<p>Category Time Split Nation Year Name</p>

<p>Lightweight Women 6:54.7 1:43.7 United States 2010 Ursula Grobler</p>

<p>*6:58. My bad. I typed that on my phone and I hit the wrong key. I’ve been recruited by Brown already but they don’t really have a strong business school that I’m interested in.</p>

<p>Wow! You typed that entire post on your phone, I am impressed! </p>

<p>First, assuming you are 18 years old, you would have had to start with about $247,000, to accumulate $500,000 at an 20% annual return over four years. Not many kids have anywhere near that kind of access to that much money. If a kid wrote that he turned $2500 into $5000, I don’t think admissions committees would be all that impressed but it’s the same accomplishment in terms of investing skill. Speaking of which, I am not going to actually take the time to look this up but I believe if you just threw the money in an index fund in the Fall of 2008 or the Spring of 2009 near the lows, you would have achieved the same return.</p>

<p>Second, Princeton does not have a “strong business school” either so keep that in mind.</p>

<p>Third, if you are only 3.3 seconds off the world record as a high school kid, I would imagine you should have your pick of schools not just Brown. Good Luck!</p>