Chance me for Ivy League Schools and Stanford?

<p>I'm only a Junior right now, so I'm going to have some more internship stuff and other things to send off, so this isn't a final list. Thanks a ton though, =)</p>

<p>GPA 3.98 (school doesn't weight.. so I've gotten all A's and two A-'s)
ASB Sophomore Treasurer
ASB Junior Secretary
2310 SAT
33 ACT
800 on Math 2 Subject Test
5 on AP Calc BC exam
Worked with a Microsoft mentor to build a Windows 7 Phone Application
School online newspaper administrator
Helped the Superintendent build a carpooling website to help decrease traffic to school
Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth scholar (2007-11)
University of Washington Robinson Center scholar (2005-11)
National Junior Tennis League national essay contest winner (2008)
WA/BC Chess Championship and Tournament of Champions (2005)
Washington Federation of Music Clubs Superior Ranked Pianist (2003-11)
E<em>Stringing – Founder and owner of racquet stringing business
USTA PNW “Over the Net” columnist (2007-11)
Washington State House of Representatives Page (2009)
National Debate Tournaments (2010-11)
John Hopkins University “Imagine” magazine writer (2008)
WA State Math Competitions (2006-7)
Tennis Pro at Tennis Club (2008-11)
USTA PNW Championship Ranking (2005-11)
Varsity Tennis Team (2009-11), Tennis Club High School Team (2008-11); BETC Elite Team (2008-9)
Varsity Tennis Captain
Volunteer at Virginia Mason Medical Center
NHS Member
8th place at State for Tennis (Singles) (Washington State)
1st place at District for Tennis (Doubles) (WA)
*</em>*Mom is Grad Alumni of Stanford too, don't know how important this is though.</p>


<p>Rght now you like like an average applicant. Cornell would be your best bet of the ivies. As a Stanford legacy (they take less than most ivies) your chance almost doubles ( so goes from 15% as an average qualified applicant to 30%). What you need to figure out is how you're going to stand out from the crowd.</p>

<p>Do you think you have a chance at being recruited at any of those schools? You have the academics, have interesting web/application experience, good tennis talent and nice initiative with the racket stringing business, writing, other awards. I think what you have done sets you apart from the standard club presidencies type deal. And given legacy, you have a great shot at Stanford. Of the ivies, chances are not bad. I imagine, following through with the year and summer can make you an even stronger applicant. At that point it will be which activities you want to emphasize which will show you in a certain light.</p>

<p>I might have a chance at getting recruiting at some of the schools, thanks for the replies guys!</p>

<p>To be honest I think you have a very good chance at any school. I don't see how you could be considered an average applicant. It seems like you've done everything that possibly could do to prepare for college. I think you have a great chance at any of these schools especially Stanford with legacy.</p>

<p>not to be a downer, but i just had a friend rejected from stanford with a 2350 sat, national merit finalist, etc. etc. (and im pretty sure the average applicant's chances of stanford are closer to 7%, not 15%, so it seems like as a legacy, you're chances may go up to 15%, but not all the way to 30%)</p>

<p>also just had a friend differed from MIT (not an ivy, but just as hard to get into), and she was extremely impressive. frankly, ivies are a crapshoot no matter what you do. you have some really impressive EC's (the racquet stringing business sounds really cool), but ivies are a reach for anyone. so i would keep that in mind.</p>

<p>Okay thanks again guys =)</p>

<p>You will get in at one top college, no doubt about that... :)</p>

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and im pretty sure the average applicant's chances of stanford are closer to 7%, not 15%, so it seems like as a legacy, you're chances may go up to 15%, but not all the way to 30%)


<p>I called the OP an average QUALIFIED applicant. Stanford and it's peers get many unqualified applicants, kids without the stats for real consideration.</p>

<p>Wow! I think you have a great shot at the ivies and Stanford to be honest! All of your ECs are very impressive, and your stats are top notch! I'm not sure how you could be classified as an average applicant! Also, I think it's great that your activities are not scattered all over the place. It is clear that you have a few great passions, like tennis and science, and that you have worked diligently in those fields. Good luck, it seems like you will go far! :)</p>

<p>Great chances! Just to clarify, is your mom an undergrad or grad alumnus?</p>