Chance me for liberal arts? (Didn't want to do this -- too curious to resist)

<p>So here are the schools I'm applying to:</p>

<p>Connecticut College ED (father and aunt both attended, I've gone for an interview and met with an art professor)
Vassar College
Haverford College
Wheaton College
Lafayette College
Bennington College</p>

White female, dual citizen
Public school (insanely competitive, one of the top 50 public schools in the country)
GPA 3.5
ACT 32 (English 34, Science 28, Math 30, Reading 34, Writing 9)</p>

<p>Senior year classes include AP Studio Art, AP European History, AP English, Pre-Calc, Physics
Other AP Classes AP Bio (3) and AP American History (4)
SAT IIs include Bio (730) and American History (710)
I've taken challenging classes and have responded well to them</p>

<p>I'm getting teacher recs from my English teacher/club advisor from my junior year and my math teacher from my junior year -- should be pretty good</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/awards include:
two years of varsity soccer, two years of JV
church youth group, two years as secretary and a year as Communications VP (so I have a lot of leadership experience and community service here)
co-founder and co-president of a book club in my school with 20+ members
student government, Publicity VP for two years
paid summer work as a camp counselor
frequent contributer to my school's newspaper
NCTE semi-finalist </p>

<p>Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>i'd say you definitely have a very high chance on being admitted to conn college</p>

<p>You'll almost definitely get into CC, considering your legacy status. GPA is average (slightly low for CC) but your ACT is good. You probably won't even have to apply to your other schools.</p>

<p>Thanks so much guys! Definitely makes me feel a bit better in this competitive atmosphere.</p>

<p>Any other opinions?</p>