Chance Me for Macalester

<p>I am an African Immigrant from Kenya, I moved here 7 years ago.
Currently High school senior
3.71 unweighted gpa, 4.5 weighted gpa
lots of AP and Honors Classes</p>

<p>Ap tests:
AP Eng. Literature; 3
AP Macro Economics: 4
AP Chemistry:3
AP US Government:4
AP Human Geo: 4</p>

National Honors Society Member
Mayo Clinic Volunteer: 120+ hours
Vice president of Muslim Youth Group
Philosophy Club
First Robotics
Arabic Teacher
Key club (another volunteering group)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Happ Tutor: I tutor students who have ESL classes with their basic classes such as bio, chem, Algebra 2 etc.</p>

<p>I currently speak Somali, English,and Swahili fluently, and i am learning Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic</p>

<p>I forgot the act score: 26 (i know its low)</p>