Chance me for New York University and these other universities?

<p>I was wondering... Is it too late to apply ED or EA to New York University?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0
SAT: 2100 (going to try to retake it and score for 2400)
ACT: 31
PSAT: 190</p>


<p>9th grade:
Geophysical Science
English 9/World Literature
Algebra I
Spanish I
(Took Geometry over summer)
10th grade:
English 10
AP US History
Mandarin I
Algebra II Honors
(Took Precalculus over summer)
11th grade:
AP English Literature
AP Calculus AB
Drama & Speech
Computer Applications I
Mandarin II
12 grade:
Finance & Investment
AP Calculus BC
AP Macroeconomics
AP Statistics
AP Microeconomics</p>

<p>Small Awards:
Cum Laude honor roll in 10, 11, and 12
Student of the Month in 11th grade (March '11) and 12th grade (November '11)</p>

Member of TASP
Member of National Honor Society
Two years Key Club
Volunteered for a charity organization
Two years Student Investment Club
Internship at a bank
Currently have a part-time job at 7-eleven. I'm trying to sort out how i could fill in for a managing position. (uncle owns the store)</p>

<p>Other Information:
- Live in Michigan
- Pakistani-American
- Asian
- Intended Major: Finance</p>

<p>I'm also interested in Stern Business School</p>

<p>Here are some other colleges I'm interested in:</p>

University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
University of California--Berkeley</p>