Chance me for Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, and others? Will chance back!

<p>Could you guys chance me for Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, and Carnegie Mellon?</p>

<p>Prospective major: Biochemistry (premed) & East Asian Languages</p>

<p>GPA: 4.35 W (Highest is around 4.6. My school doesn't calculate unweighted, but estimating, it would be around 3.8.)
Rank: 15/269</p>

<p>SAT: 2110 (680CR/690M/740W)</p>

<p>SATII: Chemistry 680 Spanish 800 US History 710</p>

<p>Course load: 9 AP courses upon graduation(chem, US I+II(I know, it's dumb, my state requires two years of US history),English lang, Spanish lang, calc BC, Mandarin, psych, bio), the rest honors courses. I independently studied Chinese for a year, and I've been a lab aid for two years. Also, I self-studied for the environmental science AP exam.</p>

<p>EC's: President of Chinese Club for three years, JSA Vice President (of my school's chapter) for one year, member for two, Vice President of my school's NHS chapter, three years varsity soccer, four years varsity tennis, indoor track for two years, Spanish Club member for three years, 340+ hours of various community service (including a summer of volunteering at a hospital), Brain Bee Club for two years (a student-run group that trains for a competition based on knowledge of the human brain), Science Olympiad Club for two years (same as Brain Bee club, but for general science)</p>

<p>Work Experience: Worked full time at McDonald's last summer (40 hrs/wk), Worked at Boston Market for two years (~15 hrs/wk), Working at a bank as a teller for over a year now (~15 hrs/wk). There was a point where I had three jobs at once and all of my income goes towards supporting my family. </p>

<p>Miscellaneous Awards: 1st place in the Regional Science Olympiad, National Spanish Exam gold medalist for three years, 3rd place in regional science fair, first place in a regional Chinese speaking competition, academic letters in Spanish, Chinese, English, and science, honorable mention for a memoir in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards</p>

<p>I also independently study Japanese and Portuguese outside of school. </p>

<p>I'm also a first-generation college student from a low-income family, no other hooks, really.</p>

<p>If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.</p>


<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>Really good ECs, moderate SATs (could be low for the schools) and a decent GPA.</p>

<p>Definitely in at Carnegie Mellon and Notre Dame. 50% on Johns Hopkins and Northwestern.</p>

<p>Grab some safeties from schools ranked in the low 20s-high 40s and you'll be good!</p>

<p>Hey, I got into JHU this year (class of 2015), so I'll just talk about Hopkins. From what I see, you are doing pretty good. MY GPA was a 4.6 (not a whole ton higher than yours), and my SAT was a 2160 (also not much higher than yours). Your extracurricular activities look pretty solid and your work experience will only boost your chances.</p>

<p>I'd say it all comes down to your essays, interviews, and when you apply. Make sure you are passionate about what you write. If I give you a topic and you can't talk endlessly about it for an hour, it's not good enough. Stress your 1st generation college and how you took 3 jobs to help your fam and still did well in school. That will tell Hopkins that you will be a student who will go and join several clubs and be an active member of the college while still doing well in class. Lastly, I'd recommend doing Early Decision if you really like Hopkins. The difference between ED and RD acceptance rate at JHU is DRASTIC and could easily mean the difference between getting accepted and waitlisted</p>

your GPA is range... 54% of JHU admitted applicants had a GPA of 3.75 or higher..
your SAT is in range SAT CR: 630- 740 - 680
SAT M: 660-770 - 690
SAT W: 640-740- 740
This is coming right from the 2012 College Board College Handbook. You are must likely in... Match</p>

GPA looks good for this school...
SAT is in range... CR: 650- 740 - 680
M: 670-770 - 690
W: 640-740 - 740</p>

<p>Looks like a match.</p>

<p>CMU- GPA is in range...48% of CMU admitted applicants have a GPA of 3.75 or higher.</p>

<pre><code> CR: 620- 720 - 680
M: 680-780 - 690
W: 630-730 - 740

<p>I would say low match</p>

<p>I think you should definitely get into Notre Dame and Carnegie Mellon. Northwestern and JHU are slight reaches, but you have some really great activities / work experiences, and do excellent academically so i think you could easily be given acceptance! Just keep up the good work in your academics and extracurriculars and you should be on track! Good luck!</p>

<p>Chance me?
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<p>Your SATs are a little low for Notre Dame and Northwestern. Not sure about the other three schools but Notre Dame places more emphasis on the critical reading and math scores, in which you only have a 1370. Unfortunately, although your extracurriculars seem great, there will be tons of other students applying who have the same extracurriculars, class rank, and GPA, but have higher test scores. I guess that you will be waitlisted at ND and Northwestern, with possible acceptances at JHU and CM. I would know, I got into ND, NU, and JHU, and currently attend ND.</p>