CHANCE ME FOR NYU CAS ED 2 and others. will chance back

STATS: 2350 SAT (taking in december; it's my goal score so just assume it's my score)</p>

<h2>ACT 27</h2>

<p>I don't mind if i get GSP'd or LSP'd. Just want to get accepted. It's one of the top schools I would like to apply too....
Also applying to PSU-UP, UMIAMI, Tulane, UTampa, RutgersU(Newbrunswick), Binghamton, St. Johns, UPITT, Tufts, U Delaware, UMaine, Hofstra, Stony Brook. If I am accepted into any of these universities, I plan on transferring to Columbia or NYU so I can remain close to home. If i get rejected, I'll apply for a transfer again the year after.</p>

<p>My stats are as follows:
3.02 UW GPA
3.2xx W GPA
Workload - Semi-Challenging (Took math and science honors throughout 9-11th grade)
AP CHEM/PSYCH/MACRO/MICRO (last year (scores weren't that great 2-3s)


<p>Internship at my father's friend's hospital abroad where I will be working with different types of patients, doctors, nurses. Will be doctor shadowing various fields but will be focusing on a kidney specialist, who is my father's friend, for 3 weeks. </p>

<p>Plan on taking photos and creating a presentation which I will present to my family friends and hopefully raise an estimated 2000 dollars for the hospital. </p>

<p>4 Years of Mathletes, FBLA and 3 Years of another club and 2 years of another and 1 year of Science Olympiads (first year it became official)</p>

<p>Participant of a Novel Contest (Registered. Happening throughout November)</p>

<p>60 Hours of volunteer work at a hospital where I worked alongside nurses, receptionists, patients and learned the basics of cardiology and different tests.</p>

<p>Participated in a math competition, Al Khafus and didn't win anything (not that prestigious either)</p>

No hooks.</p>

Very Solid Essay which will describe my experience of moving to a new school district</p>

<h2>LoRs: One from my s.s. teacher from last year and my guidance counselor. I didn't have many options to ask my teachers since I never really developed a decent relationship with any of my teachers besides my s.s. teacher and my guidance counselor knows me inside out (was my middle school counselor at my old school before I moved to this place).</h2>

<p>thank you.</p>

<p>There is no way you can simply assume you'll get a 2350 on your SAT, especially considering that you got a 27 on your ACT and your GPA is pretty average. </p>

<p>With that said, if you somehow do manage to get a 2350 it would be a low reach. Your GPA is significantly lower than NYU's average. Your ECs aren't bad but they aren't enough to compensate for your GPA. Applying ED will help a bit.</p>

<p>I SAY you have a decent shot if you get that kind of SAT score. Keep in mind that the ivies are a reach for everyone. chance back [= <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>