Chance Me for Rice and Johns Hopkins

<p>Hi, I am a Hispanic female in the eleventh grade
Cumulative GPA: 3.96
Rank: 8 out of 102
I have been in a totale of 6 advance classes throught highschool(always spanish and english) (you cannot take AP in my school until senior year...)</p>

I have been a member of the Honor society (10th, 11th grade) and Junior Honor (9th grade)
Out of 102 students I was one of the 15 to be admitted in to my science research class
Won school science fair in 9th, 10th and 11th grade
Won first and grand prize at regionals in 10th grade and compited in the International science fair
Won second place at regionals in the 11th grade</p>

Science Club: (vice president)
Honor Society
Forensics Club (vocal)
School Choir (vocal and soon to be president, hopefully :p)
UN (in the ninth grade)
Cross Country team (in the ninth grade)</p>

<p>Community Service:
Every summer I voulnteer at an all girls community summer camp
Go monthy to different shelters to volunteer
Volunteer Sunday School Teacher
Leader of my community youth group
Volunteer for orphanage fundraisings</p>

<p>Act scores: 25</p>

<p>SAT II (havent taken it yet...will probaby get an 800 in the spanish one though)</p>

<p>An ACT of 25 would be pushing it for either of these schools</p>

<p>25? How do you have a 3.96 and get a 25.</p>

<p>your ACT score is definitely too low, although everything else looks good. the other thing is that, although you should take the spanish SAT II just cus it's nice to have that 800, you need to take two others. colleges aren't really impressed when you get a perfect SAT II score for a language you grew up speaking, and some places even say not to bother sending those. make sure to check their websites to see if that's how they feel about it.</p>