Chance me for SUNYs? (New Paltz & Bing)

<p>Hi, I'm a rising senior from Central NY, hoping to major in History. When it comes to state schools, my top choice is SUNY New Paltz, but I'm beginning to look at other SUNYs and wonder what my chances there would be. I'm especially curious with I even stand a chance at getting accepted? Thanks in advance for any and all input.</p>

<p>These are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 91 UW, 94.5 W</p>

<p>Rank: Top 15% of class (84 out of 801)</p>

1350/1600 Reading+Math (730 reading, 620 math)
2030/2400 With Writing</p>

30 Composite
35 English
25 Math
31 Reading
30 Science
32 Combined English/Writing</p>

<p>AP Exams:
US History: 5
AP English: 4</p>

<p>Honors/AP Classes:
Honors Global History [A+]
Honors English [A]
Honors Physics [I took Honors Earth Science in 8th] **
Honors Algebra [A-]</p>

Honors Biology [A+]
Honors English [A+]
Honors Spanish [A+]
Honors Geometry [B+]</p>

Honors Trigonometry [B-]
AP US History [A]
AP English [A+]
College level Spanish [A+]
[I also take Non-Honors Chemistry, and I have a B- in that]</p>

<p>12th [Potential Schedule]:
AP Literature
AP Statistics
AP Government&Politics</p>

<p>All of my electives have been focused in History [European Cinema, a class about the 1960s in America, Multiculturalism in History, Geography, etc].</p>

Church Drama Team: 3 years, competed nationally in '09
Youth Group: 4 years
Head Literary Editor of my school's magazine: 2 years
Mock Trial: 2 years
NHS: 2 years
A/V club: 3 years
Writing for the local newspaper: 2 years
Spanish club: 2 years
Leadership Camp at Hamilton College during summer 2009</p>

<p>My AP US History teacher will be writing my letter of reccomendation, and I am confident that my essay will be top-notch.</p>

<p>I honestly believe that you will be accepted to New Paltz and Binghamton. Why? Because your SAT and ACT scores are amazing!!!! I'm looking at Bing too, but I think those scores make you really stand out. </p>

<p>On the other hand, Bing normally has higher GPAs, but I still think your awesome test scores make up for it. I'm so jealous! </p>

<p>Anyway, have you seen the average SAT scores for New Paltz? I believe it's low, like in the 1600s (out of 2400). With that said, you should watch out because I've heard about people who apply to Ivy schools and super super super safeties, and neither school accepts them because they were never good enough for Ivy league and because they didn't choose realistic safety schools. </p>

<p>If you really really want to go to New Paltz, then I suggest you make it clear to them that you're really interested and not just using them as a safety school that you'd never go to.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>New Paltz is a great school and I have heard amazing things about the honors program there.</p>