Chance me for UC berkeley and Ivy's! Confused about Senior Course load as well.

<p>Are these realistic??</p>

<p>These are my Reach Schools
other Ivies (brown)</p>


Other UC's

<p>Graduating in 2011.</p>

<p>I was unable to take math and spanish in middle school because I moved from canada.
I want to major in engineering.. or business. </p>

<p>Class Rank: Top 5, if not Top 7. Possible salutatorian Out of 600 kids, Public School.
Overall GPA:
Weighted: 4.28, does not include my second semester of junior year. will be 4.5x
Unweighted: 4.0
UC: 4.34</p>

<p>SAT score: 2190 x2 , CR: 700, 630 Math: 800, 790 Wr: 690, 770 Superscore: 2270
Planning to take sat once more.
PSAT: 216
ACT: June
SAT II: Math: In two days
Literature: In two days
Korean: 780</p>

Freshman year
Spanish 1/2</p>

<p>All A's</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
HN chem

<p>All A's</p>

<p>Junior year: </p>

<p>AP Bio
AP Chem
AP Literature
Hn Math Anaylsis
Spanish 5/6
District Symphonic Orcestra(1semester)

<p>All A's</p>

<p>Now, my senior year, I'm having troubles.
I need to take a fine arts class to qualify for UC requirements, (cal resident btw, and ELC qualified) and a health class to graduate.
I'm planning to take the health class during my fall break(credit recovery)</p>

<p>This is my schedule as follows right now
ROP sales and merchandising (1st semester)
Intro to art, at my community college (2nd semester) Highschool program btw,(fufills1year req.)
AP Calc
AP lang
ASB(student leadership/government)
AP statstics.</p>

<p>I was planning to take AP physics not AP statistics, but it conflicted with my ASB period, so I was not able to. Should I take HN physics instead of AP Stats?</p>

<p>Ap scores:
Ap world: 3</p>

<p>Extra curriculars
Senior Class Secratary
Jv volleyball 2 years Varsity Volleyball 2 years, potential captain for senior year
Academic League Varsity 2 years
Academic Decathalon 1 year
CSF 4 years (running for CSF pres this year)
President of 2 clubs
Member of 4 clubs
Mercury(branch of ASB) 2 years
ASB ( I ran for ASB president, was runner up by < 50 votes. Entire student body votes at my school.)
400+ community Service at korean school, hospital, science center.
Violin, as hobby I guess.
(will add more)</p>

<p>Most likely will recieve pretty godd Letters of Rec</p>

All academic Team union tribune for gpa while playing volleyball
School Math Club 3rd place Finish in division
mostlikely will be AP scholar
In Canada, won national Stock Exchange game consisting of 500 teams.
Honor roll
In Canada, City math Competition 1st place
In Canada, Science Olympics, 1st place as team
(will add more)</p>

<p>Also, do you guys think my senior work load is too difficult?
because I am also able to take my art class at the college during non school hours
and I could take AP government. Is that a better Idea? But.. I dont want to stress too much.
I also realize I have no spectacular qualities.
I was also wondering what possible things I should do over summer? it's to late for summer programs or internships. maybe volunteer at my homeless shelter? Or take another college course?
Also! Would taking HN physics be better than taking AP stats? .. I really wanted to take AP though.
Sorry for all the questions!
Thanks for reading this guys</p>

<p>Bump? I really need help choosing my senior classes :(</p>

<p>I know people who have gotten into stanford and you're perfectly capable. And your question about senior year seems confusing, so I'll just say don't stress about it
too much, bc I think no matter what you choose to do you'll get into a good school no doubt.</p>

<p>I see. Thanks! Anyone else?</p>

<p>AP stats AND AP calc? seriously, do you enjoy pain? and AP econ is fricking murder dude. drop a couple AP classes if you don't want to stress yourself out senior year; unless you're one of those asian geniuses, or you don't care about having a life, i really recommend you rethink how many AP classes you really want to be dealing with next yr.</p>

<p>Well I was thinking that too.
Plus I have ASB.</p>

<p>Idk, I think econ is going to be really fun, and I'm more of a Math Guy.
I heard that if you take less AP's senior year, it looks bad on your college app?</p>

<p>Yeah increasing the # of aps senior year sends a good vibe to colleges, but keeping it the same is fine. Never decrease. I would keep ap stats over physics, but u should try for ap physics. And ap stats and econ in general are pretty chill classes so u should be fine.</p>

<p>Don't even worry about SDSU and schools like that.
Personally, I think you have a great chance at getting into UCB, UCLA, Cornell, etc. I say that mainly because I've seen kids with worse qualifications (like 1800 SAT) get in. I know UCLA and UCB looks at ECs, and yours look great, as opposed to UCSD, which is a highly academic school. </p>

<p>Relax a bit in your senior year! Although, I wouldn't drop any of the classes; if you want to show interest in engineering, you should continue with your double math schedule. Well, that's just how I see it haha I think you have a very good chance of getting into the schools you wanna go to :)</p>

<p>Thanks guys (:
Yeah Im going to try and take my fine arts course at my cc,
which will allow me to take ap govt as well.
Uhoh.. I wanna have a life though for senior year! hahahaha.
Anyone else have good feedback?
maybe something interesting to do for my summer, im planning to visit some ivy colleges and a lot of ASB stuff as well.</p>

<p>McGill might be considered the Ivy League of Canada... but it's not very hard to get into.
In fact I think you could even make it a safety or a realistic prospect.</p>

<p>McGill... isn't admission there almost entirely based on just test scores + GPA? It's been awhile since I looked into McGill.</p>

<p>Ahh yeah it's what other people were telling me too.
I guess it's just an option.
Columbia is kind of my dream school. But idk, it seems so difficult to get into</p>