chance me for UC's

<p>My Info
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Residence: California
Possible Major: Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
GPA (unweighted): 4.0
GPA (weighted): 4.4ish
School Rank: 1/730ish
SAT: 2010 (610 CR; 760 M; 640 W)....
SAT II: Math II: 800
Physics: 730
US History: 670</p>


<p>I've taken every honor and AP course I could at my school so far. These are the AP courses I've taken so far:</p>

<p>AP Stats (5)
AP Calc BC (5; 5 on subscore too)
AP Physics B (5)
AP US History (4)
AP Eng Lang (3)</p>

<p>AP courses I'm taking this year:</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science
AP US Govt
AP Eng Lit</p>

<p>There aren't anymore AP classes I can take at my school so I'm taking a multivariable course through EPGY</p>


<p>4 yrs of Tennis (3 Varsity)
3 yrs Key Club (1 yr treasurer)
2 yrs Physics Club (1 yr President)
2 yrs Calc Club (1 yr vice Pres)
2 yr Chem Club (1 yr treasurer)
1 yr Bio Club (1 yr treasurer)
2 yrs Chess Club
2 yrs National Honor Society
100+ hrs of Community Service
I tutor math about once a week
I've held a job for 3 yrs (although it's at a family member's business)</p>

<p>You're kidding, right? With those stats and CA residency, aren't you in with ELC status? My S is ELC and just got a postcard today from UC Santa Barbara that guarantees him admission as long as he send in the application and reasonably completes his senior year classes.</p>

<p>I'd say you are very competitive for the mid-tier UC campuses and have a reasonable shot at the upper tier, providing your essay is of reasonable quality.</p>

<p>o ok. i was wondering about my chances for the higher uc's since i heard that some people who applied and had better stats than me got rejected</p>

<p>do you think only have 2 years of a foreign language will hurt me?</p>