Chance me for UMDCP

<p>I am currently a student at Montgomery College, and I am hoping to transfer to University of Maryland College Park. </p>

<p>College GPA GPA: 3.14
College Credits: 45
Applying for Fall transfer</p>

<p>High School ECs:
Ambassador for Academy of Information Technology, Society of Young Engineers club, Book club, It's Academic trivia club, Homework Club, Sports Academy.</p>

<p>College ECs:
Non so far, planning on joining the Math Club, and Business club next semester.</p>

<p>I have one W on my transcript that is making me very uneasy, it was in a Physical Education class, I injured my knee and when i told my teacher, she suggested that i drop the class because she told me it is a lab class and there was no way for me to earn points outside of participation.</p>

<p>Also, I plan on Majoring in Mathematics, I have High grades in every math class including an A in calculus I and Pre-calc, and trig. </p>

<p>I am African American Male</p>

<p>Very Low Income (father is a taxi cab driver)</p>

<p>20/yrs old</p>

<p>Family is on Welfare and Food Stamps</p>