Chance me for University of Michigan, Chicago and more?

<p>Race: Asian (Chinese)
Gender: Female
State: NY</p>

<p>Special Circumstances:
1) Came to the US with my family 1.5 years ago (green card holder, not international student)
2) Have been in 3 different high schools so far
3) Family income $6000+/yr </p>

<p>SAT: 700(CR)+800(Math)+720=2220
SAT II: Math Level 2-790; Chemistry-790; plan to take Latin and world history, aiming at 750+ for both</p>

<p>School: Small competitive public high school early college
Rank: School doesn't rank; around top 5/60
GPA: School doesn't have weighted GPA; 9&10 and 11&12 are counted seperately
95 for high school (which means freshman and sophomore yrs); 4.0 for early college (which includes junior yr so far)</p>

<p>Academics: School doesn't offer Honors/AP classes, but all junior and senior courses are taught at college level</p>

<p>Math - 4 yrs, including calculus I, II, knot theory, etc.
Science - 4 yrs, including bio, chem and physics with calculus (and computer science too :])
English - 4 yrs
Social Science - 4 yrs
Foreign Language - 4 yrs</p>

PROMYS Summer Program at BU
SHP Sicence Honors Program at Columbia (applied, hopefully will get in)
Volunteer Translator for a state bilingual newspaper-1.5 years
Volunteer After School Tutor - 120 hrs
Art Club; Do Something Club
Cross Country - 0.5 years
MUN Co-Founder and President (China)</p>

Undecided (I like math but not sure if it will be my major)</p>

<p>Please chance me for:</p>

<p>1)University of Michigan
2)SUNY - Binghamton
7)Boston University
9)Carnegie Mellon

<p>Any suggestions will be appreciated & I will chance back!!
Thank you!!</p>


<p>I just edited. Thanks for your reminder.</p>

<p>Alright so 95 is about like a 3.8-85ish GPA. SAT's are pretty stellar for most of your schools. EC's are lacking, but you may want to get a letter of rec from a guidance counselour explaining the lack of AP's/Honor's. Hopefully you can get a teacher rec explaining your financial/cultural troubles as well. </p>

<p>1)University of Michigan- to be honest, not too sure
2)SUNY - Binghamton- same lol
3)Cornell- It's a reach, ultimately your essay will pull you through (or not)
4)Columbia- High reach, SAT's should be in the 2300's, and 3.9 GPA as well as a ton better EC's, no offense, it's just not likely
5)Chicago- Pretty much the same as Cornell
6)NYU- in
7)Boston University- in
8)Fordham- like to say in?
9)Carnegie Mellon- same as cornell and chicago
10)RPI- ?
11)Lehigh- reach</p>

<p>As it turns out Cornell, Chicago, and CMU are all my top choices too lol =P
Try focusing on your troubles shaping you or something. Perhaps a metaphor displaying how something starts off really bad, or like a vineyard, suffers when its burnt and destroyed for harvest, and then wehn replanted, etc., it turns out great (AKA Dionysus)</p>

<p>A 95 average is an A average. Around here a 95 would be a 4.0 unweighted.</p>

<p>Because of your very unusual circumstances, your chances are very difficult to predict. Your life experiences should work in your favor.</p>

<p>PROMYS... nice
need to raise the SAT though, your Asian!</p>

<p>Definitely apply to MIT. They give special treatment to female applicants and they are very generous with aid (assuming you require financial aid). </p>

<p>1)University of Michigan- Match
2)SUNY - Binghamton- Safety
3)Cornell- Reach
4)Columbia- Reach
5)Chicago- Reach
6)NYU- Match
7)Boston University- Safety
8)Fordham- Safety
9)Carnegie Mellon- Match
10)RPI - Match
11)Lehigh - Match</p>

<p>You came to this country only 1.5 years and you already have a solid GPA and excellent SAT score. Your SAT is good enough for all Ivies, you don't need to compare with other Asian.
I would say you are fine for all the colleges you listed. If I were you, I will aim higher, maybe some more Ivies or top tier colleges.
Agree with Alexandre, try MIT.</p>

<p>march10success, with Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell and Michigan, the OP has a solid list of top universities. I agree that she should add one or two more (I would add MIT and perhaps Princeton), but given the selectivity in admissions these days, she really does need some matches and safeties.</p>

<p>according to collegeboard "how do I stack up"</p>

<p>gpa scale</p>

<p>93-100= 4.0</p>


<p>Thank you so much for all your replies.
Since my guidance counsellor strongly recommends me to apply to no more than 10 schools (8 would be better), I need to be extremely careful when I add more ivies to my list. I think I will end up applying to no more than 3 ivies.
The final plan would be 3-4 reaches, 4 matches and 2 safeties.</p>

<p>My school's guidance counselor told one of my friends (whose a senior) to apply at UCLA, Notre Dame, UVA, Cornell, UPenn despite the guy having a 3.5 GPA and 1600/2400 SAT's. Sometimes, they're just annoying.</p>