CHANCE ME FOR UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA!! ill chance back asap!! please help out!!!

<p>lets start off by saying i go to pretty competitive high school, D1 athletics, pretty big in size, etc... </p>

<li>3.33 gpa</li>
<li>146/373 class rank</li>
<li>1510 sats</li>

<p>550 math
460 reading ..
500 writing</p>

<li>ct resident, attend high school in ct</li>
<li>varsity ice hockey</li>
<li>jv lacrosse</li>
<li>tons of e.c's- community service, all that non sense</li>
<li>advanced in all areas of capt (yet I suck at sats...)</li>
<li>im 50% white, 50% puerto rican*</li>
<li>1st generation college student</li>
<li>didnt really challenge myself, most level 3 (college prep) classes .. except for history freshman year (honors) and this year, senior, im taking level 4 (honor) calculus</li>
<li>All A's and B's on my transcript</li>
<li>have awesome letters of recommendation and an AWESOME essay!</li>

<p>ill chance back asap please help me out!</p>

<p>Hey I'm a fellow Puerto Rican! I have not heard much about USF, but I do think that being of PR ethnicity and a first gen college student will help you. Your GPA is solid I think for USF, and you have some good ECs. You might want to see if you can take the SAT again, however. It might be good enough but you should aim for above 500 in CR. Do you speak Spanish? You might wanna consider taking the TOEFL. You probably would qualify! I personally did not because I was born in the U.S. and I speak and write English as my first language. Look into that. I think you have a good chance!</p>

<p>lol no spanish other then what ive learned in school!</p>

<p>will chance back!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Yea would love a chance back! Haha thats fine. I'm proficient at Spanish but I don't speak it in my home... Not being fluent will not affect you.</p>