Chance me for UW and Santa Clara?


<p>User Name: parkdavid
Gender: M
College Class Year: 2016
High School: Public
High School Type: sends many grads to top schools</p>


<p>GPA - Unweighted: 3.77
GPA - Weighted: 0.00
Class Rank: top 25%
Class Size: 410</p>


<p>SAT I Math: 780
SAT I Critical Reading: 620
SAT I Writing: 630
SAT II Math Level 2 (IIC): 660</p>


<p>Significant Extracurriculars: JSA: A debate club, where I also held a leadership position on a higher level.</p>

<p>Leadership positions: ASB: I am the tech commissioner and clubs coordinator for the school.
JSA: I am an expansion agent for the pacific northwest JSA club, I introduce and lead new/other schools into the club.
Eagle Crew: I lead and welcome freshmen to the school and stay in contact with ten freshmen throughout the year.</p>

<p>Athletic Status - list sport and your level: Tennis: 2 years JV, 2 years Varsity
Track: 2 years JV, 2 years Varsity</p>

<p>Volunteer/Service Work: Key Club and Honor Society. I have completed over 75 hours of community service.</p>

<p>Honors and Awards: 2010-2011 Key Club Distinguished Service Award.
7th Place for the 4x200 race during an Invitational for 32 teams.</p>

<p>Colleges of Interest:</p>

<p>College: Santa Clara University, Choice #: 1, ED/EA: Yes, Athlete: No, Legacy: No, Status: Applied/Pending
College: University of Washington - Seattle, Choice #: 2, ED/EA: No, Athlete: No, Legacy: No, Status: Applied/Pending</p>

<p>Desired College Characteristics:</p>

<p>Location type:
Size: Medium Small (2,500 - 5,000), Medium (5,000 - 10,000), Large (10,000 - 18,000)</p>

<p>Area: West Coast
Importance of cost: Secondary</p>

<p>A 780 on the SAT I but a 660 on SAT II o.O but your chances look pretty good for both! </p>

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<p>I only had approximately two weeks to study for the SAT II so I didn't score as well as I should have. But thank you that's comforting to hear!</p>

<p>I was the other way around for some reason. I spent about a month studying for the SAT I and got a 740, but for the SAT II I did a practice test the night before as my only studying and got an 800. I guess it's the luck of the draw. I'm also applying to UW!</p>

<p>pretty solid for both. not much you can change at this point if you've already turned em in, but i'd recommend applying to USoCal if i were you...</p>

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