Chance Me for Villanova School of Business

Location: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Asian (Indian) American
Gender: Male
Major: Finance/Economics</p>

GPA: 3.4 UW, 3.85 W (somewhat of an upward trend)
SAT: 1350/2040 (720 math, 630 critical reading, 690 writing)
SAT IIs: 710 Math Level 2
APs (not sending): Stat (2); will take Calc AB, Chemistry, Psychology, and Spanish
Courseload: Will have taken 4 APs and 10 honors courses by end of high school
Class Rank/Percentile: Top 18% of my class</p>

<p>Extracurriculars/Volunteer/Work Experience:
1. Future Business Leaders of America (10-12)
2. Spanish Club (10-12) [Vice President, 12]
3. Town Unity Coalition (11-12) - [Officer]
4. Indian Cultural Club (9-12)
5. Volunteer at Hospital (10-12) [Lead Volunteer - 100 hours]
6. Data Entry for Family Tax Business (9-12)
7. Travel Soccer (6th-12th grade) [Captain 8th-11th]
8. School Varsity Soccer (11-12)
9. DECA Business Club (11-12)
10. Dance Team (6th-10th grade) [Noopur Jhankar Dance Competition 2008 - 3rd place]</p>

Essays: Had them reviewed by numerous people; was told that they were very well-written and unique
Teachers Recs: Generic
Guidance Counselor Rec: Generic</p>

Spanish Honor Society (10-12)
National Honor Society (11-12)</p>

<p>I applied Early Action. So how are my chances for the Villanova School of Business?</p>


<p>bump again....please responses anyone?</p>