Chance me for W&M, UVa?

<p>I am a white male junior in high school. In-state in Virginia. Top 5% of class. All AP classes, Spanish 4, overall just take hardest classes offered. 3.7 now, after junior year should have at least 4.0. First attempt at SAT was kind of bad: 670CR, 590M, 670W. But taking 2nd attempt soon and 3rd attempt in the fall. ECs include teaching Spanish to first graders weekly, NYLF-MED, completed 50 hour internship with hospitalist, 15 hour internship with pharmacist, volunteering for Salvation Army regularly, leadership role in YOVASO (along with retreat), played soccer in Sweden for a summer, as well as jv and varsity soccer, jv and varsity football, and varsity track. Also hold a part-time job. I think that sums it up? My peers say that I have an okay chance at getting into W&M, but I'm very unsure and unconfident, especially after my SAT. Also, I wouldn't be applying for much financial aid, if any, if that changes anything (my college is already paid for). </p>

<p>Additionally, what would be some good extracurriculars for me to add? I feel that I need to add more volunteering; I will be doing another 50 hour internship next year (probably with a cardiologist). </p>

<p>Thanks for your opinions! I really appreciate it.</p>