Chance me @Grad School NYU, Columbia, George Washinton, UChicago. Will Chance Back!!!

<p>Here's "me" in a nutshell:</p>

<p>GRE Scores:
a very unimpressive 1220 w/ a 4.5 writing score (I'm retaking in May)</p>

<p>-Cumulative 3.35 from Florida International University.I graduated with 2 BA's, one in journalism and one in literature. </p>

<p>Work Experience:
-MTV Latinamerica
-Reported from the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City for the Global Youth Coalition Against AIDS and MTV
-Been published in Editor and Publisher Magazine
-Worked at a Scripps Newspaper up in Stuart FL
-Written for my school newspaper.
-Co-producer for an online documentary on HIV/AIDS in South Florida, featured on The Miami Herald's website.
-Currently an Americorps:Public Allies volunteer doing Grant Writing for a Arts in educatin Non-Profit
-Am working with the Media and Communication subcommittee for the up and coming International AIDS Conference in Vienna this summer.
-There's more stuff but meh</p>

-I am fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian.
-Hispanic/technically "disabled" but I hate using that in my favor. (I hear these things get you scholarships in this country though)</p>

<p>Front runners are:
-American University,
-George Washington University and
-the LSE.
-Any recommendations for schools in Europe are welcome for Programs in the International Relations/Public Health/Journalism department</p>

<p>A few things I am very curious/concerned about:
-Can my resume make up for my unimpresive GPA?
-Should I ever disclose that the reason I have a 3.3 was because of an unfortunate outbreak of seizures my freshman year in college and the subsequent stress of overmedication which lasted 2 years 1/2?
-What are my odds right now? I really don't want to take the GRE again. Thanks all!:s</p>