chance me...i double dog dare you

<p>OK, so I figured I didn't need to do this thread but I am bored and like to hear what the educated CC community thinks of my stats/chances. Why not basically...</p>

<p>Schools: UVA (IS), Pomona, Union, Grinnell, Tufts, Kenyon.</p>

Small public school with pretty good reputation.</p>

<p>SATs: Reasoning: 700-M 690-V 670-CR Not happy with the scores and will retest. Subject: 660-US Hist (P.O.'d would describe me when I saw that #) 800-M2. </p>

<p>Rank: 15/195 and rising now that I am actually putting in a little effort.
AVG: W-96.1880% UW-around a 93%</p>

<p>Freshman Year
World Hist: A-
English: A
Spanish II: A
Geometry: B+
Biology: A
Int. Sci.: A-</p>

<p>Sopho Year
English: A+
World Hist II: A
Spanish III: A
Algebra II: B+
Algebra III: B
Chemistry: B+</p>

<p>Junior Year
US Lit: A
Pre-AP US History: A
AP US History: A (5 on test)
Ind. Study-Ancient Greek Philosophy: A
Spanish IV: A
Pre-Calc: B
Programming: A
Physics: A-
Anatomy & Phys.: A+</p>

<p>Courses for SR. year:
Modern Euro History, Spanish V, AP Calc AB, AP English lit, AP Physics.</p>

NHS 2 years
Honorary Top Scorer at Elizabeth Haskins Math competition
Active in Youth Group 9th grade
Various Comm. Service projects totaling about 200 hours at the moment (walks for etc, fundraisers, conservation land tree farms volunteer, and over 100 hours helping my church as "setup supervisor" for the sunday school)
Donated blood multiple time (might co-run a drive)
CPR Lifesaver
Peer Leader 4 years
Worked 12 hours weeks for 2 years at Dunkin' Donuts
Worked for a summer at a camp that I had attended for 3 years as a CIT/laborer with unique experience in high ropes course (plan to become certified to teach when I turn 18)
A couple landscaping jobs until the company moved
Current job: 20hr/week as server/host at mexican restaurant
JV soccer 1 years and Varsity soccer for two year
varsity tennis 3 years
If next year is included, 2 years in US FIRST Robotics competition which is about 20 hours/week at least preparing. I was the in-arena coach. (strongest ec and also a passion of mine)</p>

<p>Hook? Really strong math program. The AP level hasn't had below a 5 for a very long time. My grades may not show I am strong in math but I have had the same grade (4pt drop) since 8th grade algebra to my present 12th grade calculus.
Also, w/o exaggerating, I am graduating from what is probably THE strongest class my HS has ever graduated. If I were a grade above/below me, I would be ranked top4 out of 200.</p>

<p>Essay:should be decent->above avg
Recs: Very good. 3 teacher (just worked out that way. idk how) all great and 1 great GC</p>

<p>UVA (IS), Pomona, Union, Grinnell, Tufts, Kenyon.</p>

<p>Should get into all of them easily due to amazing EXC's and solid SAT's and good class ranking. You might get scholarships as well. You will def. get aid and scholarships to UVA, Kenyon, and Union.</p>

<p>UVA (IS) and Grinnell are matches. Union and Kenyon are safeties. Tufts may be a slight reach. It's gotten increasingly selective over the past couple of years, and has become tougher to get into. Not sure about Pomona.</p>

<p>omg amptron has 666 posts right now!! beastly</p>

<p>thanks. i doubt ill get scholarships :-/. I guess this mostly matched my preconceptions which I was mainly checking. Thanks again.</p>

<p>Don't see Pomona, scores too low and I don't see the ECs as exceptional, and UVA and Tufts are reaches. The others look good.</p>