Chance Me. I really hope you don't know me.


<p>I'm pretty sure Pepperdine isn't a reach for me though lol</p>

<p>only doing the ones i know
Columbia: low reach
Cornell: match
MIT: reach
Princeton>>>dream school:high reach
Bucknell: in
Northeastern: match</p>

<p>you see me roll w/ the gangsters. You know I'm just so white & nerdy. <em>BUMP</em></p>

<p>You are definitely competitive. I'd say that you get into several of those schools. Best of luck!</p>

<p>ok, that's fine, as long as you know what ur getting into... for Princeton, request an interview, keep correspondence with your admissions counselors, and really write a stand-out essay</p>

<p>also VISIT!</p>

<p>Hope this helps!! (replying from ur post on my thread)</p>

<p>Columbia - match
Cornell - low match
MIT - it's MIT
Princeton - reach, but only due to HYPS unpredictability
Bowdoin - match
Bucknell - match
Northwestern - match
Northeastern - safety
Pepperdine - safety
UVM - safety</p>

<p>Your ECs seem fine. But are you planning on retaking SAT I? I know scores aren't everything but 650 CR for Columbia and Princeton is a stretch unless you have a fantastic hook.</p>

<p>Do not bother retaking your spanish sat II, the grade is good. If you intend to major in engineering I would recommend you take the physics sat II.</p>

<p>Columbia - low reach
Cornell -low reach(they have a great engineering program)
MIT reach
Princeton reach
Bowdoin match
Bucknell high match
Northwestern match
WUSTL low reach
Northeastern low match
Pepperdine match
UVM match</p>

<p>I'm retaking something in January.... It depends on my SATII scores in December(MathII & Chem). If those are bad I will retake them in January but if they're good, I will retake regular SATs</p>

<p>firstly, its nice to see another girl in engineering.</p>

<p>Columbia - reach
Cornell -low reach
MIT- reach
Princeton- reach
Bowdoin- likely
Bucknell- in
Northwestern- likely
WUSTL- likely
Northeastern- likely
Pepperdine- ?
UVM- likely </p>

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<p>I think you have good chance except MIT and Princeton :)</p>

<p>Firstly,If you write a good essay, you have a very good chance at Cornell.
Secondly, i dont see you have any passion in Math and Science(according to you SAT,SAT SUBJECT TEST, ECs),So i think you are out at MIT, the same as Princeton.</p>

<p>^Thanks, but not all engineers are necessarily passionate about just math or science. If possible, I want to be a snowboarding designer&engineer(so mech eng), so I do like math, but I feel like my passion is more about creating things than analyzing problems.</p>

<p>Columbia- reach
Cornell- low read
MIT- reach
Princeton- high reach
Northwestern- likely
Pepperdine- in</p>

<p>I think if you write a very good essay about all your EC's and your passion for them, you should be good. :)</p>

<p>your academics r fine, you might want try to get your cr sat score in the 700s, i can´t really say anything for all the other schools, but since im aiming for princeton aswell, i guess you have some chances, but nothing that really makes you stand out :/ sorry...</p>

<p>your stats are excellent but the one thing really lacking is community service...while of course it's great that you do volunteer your time i'm not sure something you do for 7 hours a year is worth including...heck, i'd say that anything that's less than an hour per week probably isn't worth mentioning. but overall you have pretty good shots at everything except for mit and princeton.</p>

<p>Princeton-high reach
NW/Bowdoin-high match

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<p>Well, Princeton and MIT are pretty much reaches for everyone but I'd say you're probably into Columbia, Northwestern, and all the other schools on your list.</p>

<p>Columbia - reach
Cornell - high match
MIT - reach
Princeton -reach
Bowdoin- high match
Bucknell- low match
Northwestern - ehh high match
WUSTL - low reach(show a lot of interest!)
Northeastern - in
Pepperdine - in
UVM - in with money</p>

<p>^ haha free money. Thanks every111</p>