Chance me: Imperial college of london/cambridge/oxford/university college london

<p>i have my GPA =8.67 out of 10 in my BE degree (civil engineering) course. and my english exam scores in IELTS=7.0. with these which college will i get into.</p>

<p>and if at all i need more for admission,please let me know</p>

<p>thanks in advance</p>

<p>aktrue: I personally would recommend that you use "the student room" instead of college confidential. Very few people on college confidential understand how the British college system works.</p>

<p>but will u please direct me where this "student room "is????? it will be of gr8 use</p>

<p>It is the UK version of college confidential. Just type in "the student room" on google and you should arrive at it.</p>