Chance me (international student) any advice welcomed

<p>Chance me (international student) any advice welcomed
so guys i would like to know what, in your opinion, are my chances in getting into Grinnell or Dratmouth</p>

<p>SAT I: 2110 (CR:660,M:740,W710)
SATII: physics 710 mathIIC 640 (low I know, but I really don't have the time to retake it)
GPA: 5.00 (highest in our grading system)
My school doesn't offer APs or whatever but we do have a very demanding schedule (37 credits total)</p>

<p>For my senior year that would be:
Mother tongue and literature 6 credits
Physics 4 credits
Bio 3 credits
Chem 3 credits
Math (precalculus) 5 credits
History 2 credits
geography 2 credits
English language 3 credits
Turkish language 2 credits
Philosophy 3 credits
PE 2 credits
IT 2 credits</p>

<p>EC main thing is art, and i am going to submit a pretty decent portfolio
also mother tongue and maths competitions, studying spanish outside of school,
yoga classes, organization of science fairs in my school, some volunteer work trough my school (helping orphanages that sort of stuff)</p>

<p>Honors international kangaroo maths competition award
high honors from my school
Mother tongue Ranked 8th in my country</p>

<p>also i'm going to need substantial financial help, my family can cover 10000$ at best</p>

<p>please chance me

<p>i suggest amherst, hamilton( you will get there),vassar,tufts and trinity college :)</p>

<p>"i'm going to need substantial financial help, my family can cover 10000$ at best"</p>

<p>Every college and university in the US is a reach for you because you are an international student with significant financial need. It really is that simple. None of us can estimate your chances of admission. Make your list, cross your fingers for good luck, and send off your applications.</p>

<p>But be sure to line up some options in your own country that you can afford.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best.</p>

<p>Where are you from? Unless it's a country sending few applicants, maybe Grinnell, Dartmouth unlikely.</p>

<p>thanks for the suggestions, i just might apply to vassar :)</p>

<p>i'm from macedonia which is a very small country and best there will be one or two other applicants. oh and i do have plenty of options in my country since the education here is really cheap,</p>

<p>If you haven't already done so, read through everything here: EducationUSA</a> | Study Abroad, Student Visa, University Fairs, College Applications and Study in the U.S. / America Then get in touch with the counselors at the advising center closest to you. There are three in Macedonia: EducationUSA</a> - Find an Advising Center These counselors are expert at helping students like you find good places to study in the US. They will be able to tell you which colleges and universities have admitted students from Macedonia in recent years, and whether or not those students have received good financial aid packages.</p>

<p>If you are female, take a long hard look at Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, and Wellesley.</p>

<p>Happymomof1 thank you for your help. I've already read the web site and I have contacted the counselor. The reason I'm applying to such selective schools is that I'm only interested in studying at college in the USA that has state-of-the-art educational system. If I don't get in one of those schools I'd rather continue my education closer to home. It doesn't seem to be worth it, studying on a different continent and being away from my family for months just to attend an average school. And, yes I'm female, and although the colleges you suggested are great, I'm not the all-women-college kind of person. Thanks a lot again for taking the time to help :)</p>

<p>You never know. Your stats won't hold you back if they want representation from Macedonia. You have competitive stats overall for Grinnell but not for Dartmouth. They are both worth a try given that your country sends few applicants.</p>

<p>The schools Happymom1 suggests are every bit as respected and state of the art as Grinnell. Barnard is part of coed Columbia, Holyoke and Smith are part of a consortium with coed schools and Wellesley has lots of coed schools nearby.</p>

<p>would the really consider accepting an applicant with less competitive stats because he or she comes from a country is that is not represented on campus? and also i am a pretty good writer so my essays are very good (or at least my counselor says so :) ) how much of a difference will that make? i hear very different things, some say it is REALLY important others say it is only important if you have good stats, and some even say that they are not important at all. I'm going to put a lot of effort in them either way, at least than i can say i did everything i could have to get in :)</p>