Chance me , international student for UChicago ?

<p>Hi everyone, i am Hai and I came from Viet Nam.
I know it is kinda late but can you guys take a look please ?
GPA: 3.4/4.0 ( my gpa increase for every year, wonder if that could help ? )
SAT:2090(Math 800, CR 700, Writing 590)
toefl : 110
Ielts : 8.0
Activities: Vice President of School radio
- Some paid work at school
- Some school level competition award
- 2nd prize state award in Computer Science in 9th grade.
I came from a gifted school, it has some recognition too.
Rec letters: 1 is good but the rest I think is normal.
Essays: I guess it is Ok.
Im applying for UChicago, Stanford, Hamilton, CMU this 1/1
I also apply for Brandeis, Drexel, Northeastern , Lawrence, La Fayette, Umass Amherst for 1/15</p>

<p>Please tell me what do you guys think ?</p>

<p>If you see this year's UChic EA Results, you will see that many kids with 2200+/3.85+ statistics and bunches of awards and ECs got directly rejected. So I think your chance is slim, and your international status make it even slimmer. They have a huge pool this year, and the competition is really harsh.</p>

<p>BTW, I got rejected by UChic as an international student this year. My stats are CR 650 M 800 W 670, Math 2 800 Chem 800 Japanese 770, TOEFL 112, and good ECs and rec letters.</p>

<p>wow , i am so sorry for u and i am afraid for myself :-| . Anw, where do you come from ?
I hope that in my country not many people apply for Uchicago :-|</p>

<p>You SATs are in range for UChicago since it considers only CR and M scores. You shouldn't be worrying about your academics. </p>

<p>I won't chance you. But all I can say is give your best efforts in the essays. Make sure you proofread them thoroughly. You essays are most important for UChicago. You still have some time so utilize these days wisely.</p>