Chance me? Ivy Leagues and others

<p>Chances? Ivy Leagues and others
Applied to Harvard, MIT, uPenn, uChicago, Dartmouth, Cornell, Boston College, Notre Dame, University of Rochester.</p>

<li>4.00 unweighted average</li>
<li>4.25 weighted average</li>
<li>7 completed AP exams (and taking 9 more this year)</li>
<li>Four 5's and three 4's on completed exams</li>
<li>SAT- 650 CR; 800 Math; 690 Writing (only took once)</li>
<li>ACT- 31 composite (34 science, math;; 28, CR, Writing) (only took once)</li>
<li>SAT subject tests -- 780 Math II; 710 US History; 730 Biology M</li>
<li>In top 1% or better of my class (Out of 500 or so students)</li>
<li>National Honor Society President</li>
<li>JV/Varsity Golf team 6 years</li>
<li>Taking actual college classes at University of Rochester with actual College students</li>
<li>Democratic America (History) : A- (3.7)</li>
<li>Calculus I : A (4.0)</li>
<li>Calculus II: A (4.0)</li>
<li>Psychology: A (4.0)</li>
<li>Calculus III: (In progress, anticipating an A)</li>
<li>National Language Honor Society</li>
<li>Part-time job during the summer and school months</li>
<li>Peer tutor during the school year in physics, math, statistics, bio, chem</li>
<li>JV indoor track and field</li>
<li>DECA club, potential for states/nationals</li>

<p>Thoughts on chances? I wrote a very unique/personal/non-cliche/clever essay I believe, and am as passionate about academics as it gets, I'm not just some arrogant kid applying to Ivies, I truly want to further myself in the biological sciences to help others. Thanks for any feedback</p>

<p>UPenn, Harvard and MIT will still be reaches…however all other schools mentioned should be either a target/low reach.
Although you’d probs get into Rochester for sure.

<p>I agree with cheatsisazn as Upenn Harvard and MIT are reaches but still a makeable goal. The top 1% of class is huge but a better weighted GPA could help. Another point on ACT would help increase your chances but overall all of the schools are makeable with a little work! Good Luck!</p>

<p>Of course I agree with the people above me that a couple schools are reaches,
but you are definitely well qualified. The only thing that is a little behind everything else you have done is your scores, which maybe should be a little higher.
Regardless, Best of Luck to you!!</p>

<p>chance me back please</p>

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<p>Just try to raise your Critical Reading Score the most. If you have at least a 700 in each section, you should have a good shot with the Ivies. You seem like a very intelligent person and I’m sure your unique essay helped.</p>

<p>Chance me back please
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