Chance Me on Columbia (Early Decision)

<p>I pretty much just copy and pasted my academic resume.
I'm a female African American/Native American who is passionate about becoming an architect.
Since I want to major in architecture I also have some supplementary materials I'll be adding to my application.</p>


WSHS 2009 - Present
MCHS 2007 - 2009<br>
Anticipated Graduation Date May 2011<br>
Advanced Placement Courses Completed and Current<br>
• English Language and Composition
• U.S. History
• Art History
• English Literature and Composition
• Calculus AB</p>

<p>GPA (Unweighted) 3.8
SAT (Taking it June 5)
ACT 29 </p>

National Honor Society 2010
Blue Ribbon for Tennessee Solo & Ensemble 2010
Who’s Who Among High School Students 2010
Distinguished Honor Roll of 3.6+ 2007 - Present
All-West Tennessee Orchestra 2007-2009
All-State Tennessee Orchestra 2008</p>

Founder & President of Architecture Club 2010
Principal Violist (Memphis Youth Symphony) 2010
Assistant Principal Violist (White Station) 2010
Bridge Builder Leadership Conference 2009
Teen Director, Collierville Leadership Conference 2009
Hospitality Coordinator, Nuts for Art Festival 2009
Millington Representative, UT Martin Writers’ Conference 2008</p>

Docent, Jack Tucker Art Exhibit 2010
Server, St. John’s Soup Kitchen 2009 - Present
Guide, Diversity Memphis Walks 2009 - Present
Habitat for Humanity 2009 - Present
Violist, Joyner Quartet 2007 - Present
C.A.R.E Clinic Helper 2009
Kiwanis International Donation Collector 2008
Memphis Youth Symphony Aide 2008</p>

Memphis Heritage Historic Preservation Society 2010
Bridges Climb Team (Memphis-based rock climbing) 2010
Memphis College of Art Summer Academy 2010
International Club 2009 - Present
Community Service Club 2009 - Present
White Station High School Orchestra 2009 - Present
Youth Religious Unitarian Universalist Group 2009 - Present
Memphis Youth Symphony 2007-2008, Present Key Club 2007 - 2009
Art Club 2007 - 2009
Millington Central High School Tennis Team 2009
Discovering Architecture Summer Camp 2009
Diversity Memphis Freeland Camp 2009
Memphis Music Camp 2007 - 2008
Delta Fine Arts Camp 2007 </p>

Intern, Hnedak Bobo Group Inc. (Architecture Firm) 2010
Counselor, Diversity Memphis Freeland Camp 2010
Office Worker, Memphis Heritage 2009 – Present</p>

Proficient – Spanish</p>

Sketching, Drawing, Painting
Fourteen Years of Viola Training</p>

<p>ACT way too low.
Great chances, take ACT again</p>


<p>I third that. test scores are your weakest area. however, if you can get those up, you have a pretty good shot. keep you gpa strong, try to raise it if possible--gpa counts for more than SATs or ACTs by the way, so raise your scores if you can, but not if the time it takes studying for those costs you in grades. not gonna lie, your ethnicity is a HUGE plus, but that doesn't mean rely on it, that means, if it comes down to someone with similar stats who is white, or you, they will pick you. (although this would be for normal apps, obviously it also depends a lot on your portfolio, which we at CC can't judge for you).</p>