Chance Me or provide some ideas? Thanks! :)

<p>Well not so much a chance me, but more like a help me! Hi, I'm so lost atm....... I haven't done this a lot, but I am really lost on which college to apply I really want to know with these credentials where I can get into,
my ideal school is Johns Hopkins, Rice or Northwestern but they are all really hard, my friends suggested Ivies such as Columbia and Cornell.....
So where can I realistically get into, or have a chance to get into? I will appreciate you so much if you can suggest some low reach, match, and safety schools for me! Thanks in advance~I am planning on a biochemistry major btw. any suggestions? :)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.85/4.36 (35/528=unweighted rank, 1/528 =weighted rank(UC system,school does this) )
SAT: one sitting: 2180: 680 CR, 710 Math, 790 Writing,
2180: 650 CR, 800 Math, 730 Writing.
SAT: Superscore: 2270: 680 CR, 800 Math, 790 Writing
SAT II: Math 2: 800, Chinese: 800 US History: 770, Biology: 730, Chemistry: 710
AP Scores: Calc AB (5), Chinese (5), English Language (5) US History (5), Psychology (5), Biology (4), Chemistry (4), World History (4)
Course Rigor: total of 12 APs by end of senior year.
Junior Year Courseload: AP Bio (A/A) AP Chem (A/A), AP French (A/A), AP Lang (A/A), AP US History (A/A), AP Calc AB (A/A) +xc/track
Senior Courseload: AP Lit, AP Gov, AP Physics, AP Calc BC, Multivariable Calculus, Creative/Rhetorical Writing, Multimedia.+sports
Major Awards: National AP Scholar& National Merit Commended Scholar</p>

<p>Summer Activities/EC: Biochemistry Research intern at University of California, Irvine, Office Intern at Educational Promotion Company
School Extracurriculars: Crosscountry&Track and Field, 10-12 (F/S+Varsity), Soccer 9-11 (JV), Key Club 10-12 (Club Senior Representative, Division Rep), Hope International 11-12 (Treasurer), National Honor Society 12
Job/Work Experience: None
Volunteering: Key Club and Red Cross volunteering at various places, 150+ hours,100+ hours at Church, City facilities and Recreation Center: 50+ hours
Essays: Pretty good so far, working on
Recs: Should be good, I participate a lot in discussions, but sometimes joke around a bit too much
Additional Recs: don’t know yet</p>

<p>State: CA
Country(If international):
School Type: Public, ~500 people in the class
Ethnicity: Asian: Chinese
Gender: M
Income bracket: 100k~150k
Hooks: No hooks, but I’m a Immigrant moved 6-7 years ago without knowing any English, changed high schools.</p>

<p>bumpppp anyone please? :/</p>