Chance me please! Northeastern U, American U, George Washington U, Boston U

<p>Schools that I want to apply to... </p>

<p>*Northeastern University
*American University
*George Washington University
*Boston University
New York University
Bentley University
Fordham University
Penn State

<li>- These are the ones that I am really concerned about</li>

<p>-Rising senior at a competitive public high school in NJ

<p>-Rank: Top 15% -18% I am not sure, but somewhere in there.
-SAT: 1800 (I plan on retaking in the Fall. I have been getting 2000s on practice tests consistently so hopefully I can boost it to that range).
-GPA: 3.55 UW/4.0 W</p>

<p>-Course load: I took mainly honors and a few AP classes because my school does not offer many APs (14 in total including my senior year).</p>

<p>-Senior Course load: AP Euro, Calculus, Honors Anatomy/Physiology, Ceramics, College English, AP Spanish.</p>

<p>AP US History Exam: 4</p>

<p>I will be self-studying for the AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics test.</p>

*Established a profitable Search Engine Optimization business.
*Worked for a marketing/research company in NJ (3 years).
*FBLA regional and state competitor for Cyber Security
*Volunteered at a Veterans Affair Hospital (300+ hours, 3 years).
*Volunteered at my school store (100+ hours, 2 years).
*NHS member</p>


<p>Rec's teacher: Very good/excellent
Rec's guidance counselor: Good</p>

<p>Essay: Very good/excellent</p>


<p>I am also wondering if having very few ECs is going to hurt my chances. Running my business and working has taken up a lot of my time, so I was not very involved in school. On this forum I see people with dozens of awards and ECs, so I am a little worried about that.</p>

<p>With an 1800 SAT I'd say you're a low reach for Northeastern and GWU. If you improved that to a 2000-2100 you should be okay.</p>

<p>As your stats stand right now, your list goes from matches to high reaches, and even if you did get 2000+, I don't think you could call any of those schools safeties. Your list needs work, IMO.</p>

<p>well I'm going to BU in the fall and your stats are similar to mine. You should have taken more AP's. I get that they don't offer many, but you should have taken at LEAST three your senior year (like AP Calc). I had a 3.5 UW GPA with a very upward trend and an 1880 SAT (610CR, 610M,660W). Raising your SAT should give you a safe shot at BU. </p>

<p>NYU I think you should be more concerned about. Out of all the schools on that list, NYU is the most competitive. You need to do stellar in your senior year, and raise your SAT at least 220 points. Also, you need to write a very out-of-the-box essay that will show the Adcom that you deserve to be at NYU. <em>HINT</em> On NYU's commonapp supplement, the essay's that they make you answer are each a certain number of CHARACTERS, and it is a very small number. So edit and re-edit, and re-edit again those essays.</p>

<p>Northeastern is a waste of your time. In all the rankings it is way low and you are required to do five years. It is way too competitive for what it offers. If I were you, I would swap out Northeastern and maybe apply to another target school or safety. </p>

<p>I don't know much about GW. I didn't think it was like a TOP NOTCH school, but my friend with a 2020 SAT and 4.0 got rejected, so I guess they're ramping it up?</p>

<p>With a 200+ point boost on your SAT and maybe adding one or two AP's (BU looks for hard schedule more than anything) [THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE AP EXAMS, AP COURSES!!], you should be all set. NYU may still give you a hard time, but you'll have a better chance than I had!</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply. I already knew that NYU was a super high reach for me from the getgo, so I was not really worried about that school so much. I am planning to apply to it just to see what happens.</p>

<p>As for Northeastern, I just came back from a college visit, and it immediately became one of my top choices. Its ranking is #69 in US News but I am not really concerned about rank. Also, contrary to belief, it does not require five years in order to graduate. The five year reputation comes from its co-op program, which sends students out for 6 months all over the world so they can study and work in areas of their academic interests. They also get paid and can establish a strong connection with their employer by the time that they graduate, which I thought was a huge plus. At the information session, the presenter said that some students do 3 co-op programs, which forces them to study for another year. However, those who do 2 or 1 can graduate within 4 years.</p>

<p>Boston University was also another one of my favorite colleges, and I will take your advice about the AP's.</p>