chance me please! o(^.^)o I have a bit of a dilemma.

<p>Please chance me, if you would~ <3 I applied to the School of Cinematic Arts for Writing for Screen and Television (2nd choice Critical Studies), but even if I don't get in I'd still love to attend main USC studying East Asian Studies (Japanese concentration). I'd like to know my chances on both, but obviously the film school places most of its focus on the supplement, so I realize that may not be realistic. :P</p>


<p>SAT: 650 CR 590 M 790 W = 2030 total
SAT II: 640 French, 650 History, 630 Japanese w/Listening
AP: English Language (5), US History (4)</p>

<p>I go to a private school near Philadelphia, PA that doesn't rank nor, for that matter, have GPA. They send out this weird chart thing instead. I generally have a B+ average though (mainly A's and Bs, and C's in math, except this year)</p>

<p>Essays: I find it hard to judge my own essays given that it's so subjective, but I suppose I'll say "good," for good measure.
Recs: the film school requires 3-5 recs, so I sent 1 teacher rec, 1 counselor rec, 1 rec from my stage crew supervisor, a rec from my Japanese teacher/mentor, and 1 rec from one of my screenwriting professors at the New York Film Academy (he co-wrote and produced a moderately well-known comedy that may or may not be called Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, LOL).</p>

<p>Additionally, another one of my screenwriting professors was a semi-recent graduate of the Writing for Screen and Television's masters program. His mentor is one of the higher ups there, and he wrote a recommendation letter directly to him (as opposed to being sent through the supplement). I dunno if that has a lot of weight, but I thought I'd add it in in case.</p>

<p>As for me...
Location: Villanova, PA
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
School: Private (secular)</p>

1. Japanese language (5.5 years outside of school)
2. Stage Crew (4 years, now head of Stage Management. Heavily involved in all school productions)
3. Fencing Club (member 2 years, captain 2 years)
4. Asian Club (member 2 years, head 1 year)</p>

<p>Work: I work part-time at a movie theater (March 2007-present).</p>

<p>Other stuffs:
I studied abroad in Japan for 6 weeks during the summer of 2005.<br>
I attended the New York Film Academy in LA to study Screenwriting in the summer of 2007. </p>

<p>I also made it clear in the application that I was very interested in double majoring in East Asian Studies along with whatever I get in the film school (or minoring at least, since I know the writing program is time consuming and intense).</p>

<p>I don't have any financial need, though I'd also be interested if I could be considered for any kind of scholarship (obviously not presidential or trustees though. Not with my SAT scores, lol).</p>

<p>Anyway, thanks for your time~ <3 The reason why I'd like to have an idea of my chances is because I was accepted into NYU's GSP program...and while USC is now my number 1 (and honestly, was tied with NYU before anyway), I only have 2 weeks to decide if I want to go to NYU, and I won't know USC until like March or April. I don't want to throw away NYU and then be rejected from USC, as that would suck beyond all reason.</p>

<p>So my question to you all is: should I take the gamble? =&lt;/p>