chance me please! (uchicago & umich)

<p>hi! i'm a senior at a really competitive public high school. a minority, but not an URM by any stretch of the imagination. applying EA to both schools. </p>

<p>SAT: 2170 (750 R) (770 W) (650 M); retaking in october </p>

<p>GPA: 96.5 W (4.0)</p>

<p>APs:world history (5), european history (5), psychology (5), us history (5), english language (5)</p>

<p>senior courses: ap micro, ap macro, ap lit, ap us gov, ap bio, ap calc ab, ap french, orchestra</p>

<p>extracurriculars: speech & debate (4 years; top officer positions), literary magazine (editor), yearbook, newspaper</p>

<p>honors/awards: national honor society, top placing on a national french language exam, various oratorical competitions, plethora of speech awards on regional/state/national level</p>

<p>community service: 100+ at both my local boys and girls club and public library</p>

<p>also, for uchicago specifically -- took a course there over the summer and got an A final grade. my why chicago essay will likely be very strong and specific.</p>

<p>Hey surrealism! I’d say that you’re a rather competitive applicant for both these schools. To be honest, I really wouldn’t worry about you getting in at UMich; you should be more than fine! For Uchic, I’d say work on your SAT a score a little more because if you look at their website, it says the middle 50% (of M and CR) is from 1450 or something to 15-something. But otherwise, I think you’re very competitive extracurricular-wise and academically! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that you spent a summer at UChic already :)</p>

<p>Btw, thanks for your response on my previous thread!</p>

<p>I definitely agree with the above. I think that you’re at least a match for Michigan (and honestly would be very surprised if that didn’t work out) and competitive for UChicago, especially since you’ve spent a very successful summer there. The speech awards should definitely help, as well as the extracurricular activities focused on humanities, which is obviously a big deal at Chicago.</p>

<p>BTW, thanks for chancing me, too!</p>