chance me please!. university of michigan (international student from Africa)

<p>I'm an international student from Nigeria. I have a 1840 SAT score- M 640, CR 610, WR 590. Weighted GPA- 3.5/5. Top 20% of my class.
ECs- Soccer team, Debate team, drama club, photography, and Charity Club. Tons of work experience
I was a school prefect. Alright recommendation. I think my essays are good. I plan to major in economics. I have a small business as well if that helps. I'm only 17.</p>

<p>I am a international student too. To be international it is very competitive because all of US universities accept only 10-15% international student. Your stats seems like a simple student from your class. I think University of Michigan wants really passionate students, so you must show within your essays that you are passionate for something(maybe write about your small business, and how did you got the idea). Why should they accept you instead other African guy with a better position in the class? Show them with your EC and CV! God speed!</p>

<p>Thanks. But what are my chances though?</p>

<p>Using this information nobody can calculate your chances chances. Even if you write your full status here, nobody knows really your chances, the admissions are very unpredictable </p>

<p>God speed</p>