Chance me please?

<p>Can anyone chance me on these schools? My GPA is 3.9 un-weighted and 4.5 weighted. I'm homeschooled and I've been taking college classes through Montgomery County Community College since I was 15, mostly full time. I plan on majoring in studio art. My ACT scores are not great though. My first time taking them I got a 23. However, I plan on retaking the ACT and I'm shooting for a 28-30.</p>

<p>Here's my list:</p>

<p>Bard College
Ursinus College
Bates College
Earlham College
Vassar College
Temple University
Northeastern University
Wesleyan University</p>

<p>If anyone could suggest some safety schools as well, I would be very grateful. I'm having a difficult time finding safety schools.</p>

<p>You don't have to send your test scores to Earlham, at least I didn't have to as a transfer. And they have a decent ranking (68 on news and world). You'd be a shoo-in there; I think it's safe to say it could be a safety for you! Hope you have interesting extracurriculars, though, that's what these types of schools want to see.</p>