Chance me please!!!

<p>I've applied to the following schools:
Amherst, Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard (interview went great), Kenyon, Middlebury, Northwestern, Tufts, UNC @ Chapel Hill, UVA, Yale (interview went amazingly well)</p>

<p>State: Florida
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian, parents: Russian
Weighted GPA: 5.41
Unweighted GPA: ~3.7/4.0
Major: History
APs: Environmental Science, English Language & Composition, U.S. History, French Language & Culture, English Literature, Biology, Human Geography, Art History, U.S. Government & Politics, Microeconomics
School: EXTREMELY competitive Magnet school - with a focus on mathematics and science (in Top 100 Best High Schools- U.S. News & World Report)
Rank: Top 10 percent of class (not sure the exact number)
ACT: 30 composite, I'll be retaking in February and hopefully they'll take it into account
SAT Subject Tests: U.S. History: 730, French (w/o listening): 760</p>

<p>E-Cs & Awards (I know they aren't amazing):</p>

<li>Spent the summer in Northwestern Argentina working (community service) at a center for children with cerebral palsy (basically rebuilding within) and at a school in a very small poor town. </li>
<li>I'm trilingual (absolutely fluent in French, English, Spanish)</li>
<li>French Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Social Studies Honor Society, National Honor Society</li>
<li>Model United Nations (Univ. of Florida GATORMun)</li>
<li>Investment Club</li>
<li>Mu Alpha Theta (Mathematics Honor Society, competitions)</li>
<li>Founding Member of a Recycling Project @ my school</li>
<li>Interact Club (community service club): Sergeant @ Arms, Historian</li>
<li>Varsity Water Polo</li>
<li>Varsity Swimming </li>
<li>Gay/Straight Alliance Member</li>
<li>Published Poetry in a book for outstanding poetry by high school students (you're chosen) and it's all from students all over the U.S.)</li>
<li>AP Scholar Award</li>

<p>I tutor kids in French after school (work).</p>

<p>I'll have great recommendations from my A.P. Environmental Science teacher and from my Spanish teacher (who has known me for three years). </p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that my essay (CommonApp) will do well because my AP Lit teacher told me it was amazing and told me she forgot that she wasn't reading for pleasure, it's about my moral philosophy.</p>