chance me please

<p>Can anyone help me by telling my chances at: UCLA, UCB:
My ACT score is 32
My UC GPA is 4.23
Cumulative GPA since 8th grade is 4.13
Class Rank is 11/700
I have got only one B since 8th grade.
Has taken AP history = 4; AP US History = 4; AP English = 5
I have taken leadership classes in high school.
Done volunteer work in local hospital.
Has Black Belt in Karate.
I am a local California resident living in Southern alifornia. In May my school sent me a letter telling that I am a potential candidate for ELC (top 4%) & would be sending my transcript to UCs.
I want to apply for Biology major.
Anything can I do to improve my chances?
Would appreciate any feedback</p>

<p>you remind of myself about four years ago. I was also ranked 11th from So Cal with only 1 B. I think you have very solid chances, of course nothing can ever be guaranteed for UCLA but it looks good. I would definitely appeal if you are for some reason rejected, and also SAT II scores/?</p>

<p>pmed, you ought to be posting in the general forum. Not under UCLA 2009. More people will see your post there and will be more likely to chance you.</p>

<p>FrAnKstA1118 - thanks for your input. Meant a lot to me. I found out yesterday that I got accepted at UCLA.</p>