Chance me plzzz?

<p>Transferrring from a CC
I want to know some reaches, matches, and safeties for EE.</p>

<p>High School Grades
Geom B/D
Classical Age of Chivalry C/D
Spanish 1 C/D
English 1/2 H B/C
Debate A/B
(Summer) Algebra 2 B/B</p>

Trig/Pre-calc 1 C/C
World History C/D
English 3/4 H D/D
Biology 1/2 B/B
Spanish 3/4 D/D</p>

<p>Community College Summer
Geometry A
Intro to World History B
Microecon B</p>

American Lit 5/6 A/B
Statistics AP C/C
Ceramics 1 C/A
US History 1/2 B/B
Chemistry 1 H B/B
Robotics A/A
Acadec Decath A/A</p>

<p>Community College Summer
Spanish 1 A
English 101 B</p>

World Lit A/B
Culinary Arts A/B
Drafting A/B
Gov/ Econ A/A
Biology AP B/C
Acadec Decath A/A</p>

<p>HS GPA 2.76 :[
Sats 2020
Math 710 CR 630 W 680 Essay 11 (Took once in the fall of my Junior Year. I regret not taking it one more time.)
Bio AP 5</p>

<p>Community College Summer
Trig A
Pre-Calc W</p>

<p>Enrolled Finallyyy
Community College Fall
Anthropology the study of speech B
Art History 101 A
Macro Econ A
English 103 A
Pre-Calculus A</p>

Intro Chem A</p>

Calculus 1 W
Sociology 1 A
Chemistry 101 A</p>

Calculus 1 A</p>

<p>Fall Again
Chem 102 B
Physics with mechanics W
Calculus 2 B</p>

Statistics A</p>

Calculus 3 C (So SAddddd :[)</p>

Physics with mechanics B</p>

<p>Anddd Grades havent been posted yet for Fall
But im expecting
Linear Algebra A
Spanish 2 A
Physics with Electricity/Mag B</p>

<p>Overall GPA 3.52 :[
Extracurricular of HS and College
-Member of JC with 100+ hours of comunity service
-Volunteer Math Tutor with 100+ hours</p>

<p>Awards in High School
-Member of Acadec and part of first team to go to state for our school.
-Got a medal for 3rd Place at State for SuperQuiz and often top scorer overall for Varsity in local high schools.
-1st place mix doubles in our local school's league for Badminton
-2nd place doubles in our local school's league</p>

<p>Jobs in College
-Varsity and Junior Varsity Coach for Badminton for my former High School
-Hired by the School and Private Math Tutor. </p>

<p>Thank you, and please be critical.</p>

<p>Bumpity Bump Bump</p>

<p>bump 10 char :[</p>

<p>Your best bet will be a state school in your home state, probably not the flagship.</p>

<p>ahhh, thanks. Anyone elsee? X[ and what's are some flagships in california?</p>