Chance me~ Reasonable ECs, okay GPA.

<p>Hi, I spent my freshman year in a Chinese edu system, sophomore year in a British A-Level system, and now junior (and future senior)year in an American public high school system.
My freshman gpa is like a 3.65 something, and in that year a Chinese article I wrote made it to a national Chinese newspaper. In the summer before freshman year and summer after freshman year and sometimes in between I interned at a major department store as a store clerk and learned a lot for a girl my age about Business. </p>

<p>My sophomore year gpa is like 3.85, as the A-Level program is British, I took the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) last May and achieved highest grades in all three exams: Physics: A* Chemistry A* Mathematics a (A is the highest for math :) ) In sophomore year I was in the French Club and learnt basic French, and am the co-founder of the debate club of current events one friend set up. I was also the studies-rep. for my class and the Business Studies class monitor (and also raised my class's grades up 50% higher than other classes students' yay~~) Oh and in sophomore year I got 8.0 in the British IELTS English-proficiency exam ( highest mark 9.0) and 102 in TOEFL(which I plan on taking again... it sucks yeah).</p>

<p>Last summer I came to NY, my current gpa is like 3.78. I didn't take any prep for the SAT I, and I got 1980 (CR+M=1380). I already booked SAT class and wants a higher scoreT T 1980 is way not good enough. This year my ECs got a bit better:
Law Team (I love debating even if it's not in my first language<3)
Green Team
Model UN New York
Math Club<br>
Science Olympiad
Had my artwork exhibited in Russia
Won a Silver Prize in Scholastic Writing Competition (In English olala :) )
Volunteer at 92Y
Occasional volunteer at a public library
Volunteering this summer in New Orleans
Created my own website (and had 600 visitors up to date :))))) the website is information about college, like if I see some good information introduction about colleges, a certain part of the US maybe, or any kind of study tip, SATs, you name it: I post it up to let everyone see.
The website is doing a partnership with my old high school's club, my site is like a info-base for them :)
This year's current SAT II scores: Math 2 780 (I suck at Math yeah...) Physics 730 Chinese 800. Just took Phy and USH and Math 1, let's see how it goes~</p>

<p>Senior year I'm taking AP Calc AP Stat and AP Eco at school, and got accepted to a Virtual High School course in AP Psychology(my undying love for Biz and Economics... they say people who do good at Economics need good writing skls and math and an understanding of Psychology). I also want to run my own Chinese club <3 </p>

<p>Oh and I write a good essay~ ^^ And is not asking for any scholarships.
So please everyone chance me please~~~ For WUSTL, UCBerkeley, UVA, Michigan, NYU, UPenn. Or if you think other schools are also great I'm welcome to new ideas~
Thank you and I chance back!</p>

<p>I definitely think you have a great chance. Your resume looks amazing, just make sure to get good grades your senior year to boost up your GPA. And for the SAT, it definitely isn't bad but it might look nice to try to get around the 2000 range. I think you have a great shot, good luck.</p>

<p>Thank you!!! I really want to go to UPenn for English or Economics. Yeah I plan on boosting in senior year for like above 4.0. I plan on boosting SATs to 2200+~</p>

<p>Hi~ lol I can work a sub-branch for you like a branch CN club... I'm in NY, you?
Um no stir-fried cats or dogs, I have Indian sauced pheasants though, trade?
I will pray. I'm very devoted.</p>

<p>Oh and I am now in a politics internship this summer!</p>

<p>Okay, first off, a 780 on Math II is definitely not a "bad" score :)
Your GPA is a little low for Berkeley and Penn, but you do still have a shot at both of those schools. U of Michigan is a match, maybe a high match.</p>

<p>lol thanks I was worrying about the 780= =~
Yeah I heard about Penn and Berkeley's insane gpa, but I'm hoping on boosting it in senior year because I've got some APs. absolutely love Michigan! <3</p>