Chance me! UMCP(univeristy of maryland)

<p>GPA (unweighted) : 3.61
GPA (weighted) :3.68 (my weakness)</p>

<p>SAT Scores: Critical Reading: 740
Math: 720
Writing: 620</p>

<p>School: top 20 science and technology programs
competitive entrance exam</p>

<p>Extracurriculars: Varsity Tennis
Swim Team
Church Youth group (6 years)
Band (8 years)
Latin (4 years)</p>

<p>Honor Societies: Tri-M (music honor society)
NHS (national honor society)</p>

<p>APs: Gov, World History, Chem, Bio, Latin, Calc BC, Lang</p>

<p>Chances in getting into University of Maryland?
Thanks for reading!</p>

<p>i would be suprised if you didn't get in</p>