Chance me: University of Michigan

US Citizen
Michigan resident,
High school senior dual enrolled at University of Michigan for Calc 3
Have family members that have attended/graduated but older bro didn’t get in.

Intended Major(s): Meteorology, Physics, or Math

3.87 weighted GPA, 1550 SAT
Unweighted HS GPA: unknown
Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): 3.87/4
Class Rank: none given at my high school
SAT Scores: 1550

Currently dual enrolled at Univ. Of Michigan for Calc 3, Multivarible Calculus
Past or present courses with AP scores if taken:
AP Environmental Science, AP Physics Mech C, AP English (4), AP Chem (5), AP Calculus BC (5)
2 years French, 1 year ASL
Electives: Symphony band,


Managed multiple fundraising drives the last two years collecting over $3800 in monetary donations plus gift in kind donations for at risk families in the community, Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra, Coach Science Club events for past 3 years

Currently working on essays

Cost Constraints / Budget
Need scholarships, and will need to take loans.

Early action planned for all schools. Looking at U of Michigan, Ohio State, University of Washington, Penn State, Michigan State Univ., Maybe: Stanford, and Cornell

To figure your unweighted scores Michigan will do this with core classes so no gym etc. A=4, B=3, and so on. So. Figure out your unweighted and then what is that score?

How did you do in your high school math and science classes and in the Michigan class your taking?

Are you in a feeder school for Michigan and how does your school do yearly with acceptances?

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Thanks. I didn’t realize unweighted was without non academic classes. Do you calculate B+ as 3.5?
Only taken academics, music, and languages as electives. Transcript is not easily accessible right now.
All A’s last year for Calc BC, AP Chem - all classes. Got (5)s on AP tests.
Multivarible calc is going well - only been a few weeks.

I assume we are a feeder school. Large high school local to U of M. Many acceptance from our area to UM.

Still unsure whether to apply to College of Engineering (Climate and Space Eng, or general) or LSA (Physics) - too entirely different admission stats.

Also is there a thread for Class of 2026 for U of M yet? Early action?

There is an EA one that College Confidential made

Nope, B is a 3,no +or - at all. A=4,B=3 and so on.

So admissions stats aren’t that different but things still look good for you. LSA is 3.9 unweighted with 32-35 Act avg. Engineering is 3.93 with 34 Act.

So your instate plus nice rigor in your courses and great SAT score. Michigan also wants to know you want to be there. Go visit, do an official tour, ask your AO something you can’t find on their website.

I like your other school choices but Cornell and Stanford are reaches for everyone like Michigan

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thanks. took ACT a few years ago and got a 32.

Cornell and Stanford are reaches financially and academically. The schools listed are all that offer the BS+MS in Meteorology.

Will schedule a visit. LSA lets in more students than CoE. Maybe a better chance.

In theory… Your Sat score is higher. It’s a 35 equivalent which is awesome. Financially Michigan and State are your best values. Take your time on the Michigan essay and write a good one.

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What exactly is your budget? Did you run the NPC for your schools? PSU might not be a great choice. You would pay OOS tuition and they’re not known to be generous with merit or FA. Assuming UW is same. OSU does give OOS merit.

A female interested in STEM will get some interest from schools. Maybe look at Iowa State or Rose Hulman? Look south to Alabama or Florida. S21 got OOS waiver to FSU and Honors program. COA is around $17k/year. After that look at full need schools like Rice, Grinnell or Notre Dame.

A friend has two kids at Notre Dame. I was surprised how generous the FA was for both.

I don’t think that’s true.

Iowa State offers a BS/MS in Meteorology, as does UMass Lowell. Both would be safeties for you academically, not sure about affordability. Rutgers also offers a BS/MS in Meteorology.

Have you looked here?

What is your budget?

Yes, this is where I got info. My list are the schools that make the NWS list and are also on my list.

I have heard that about penn state. Ohio doesn’t have flutes on marching band. :frowning: I will open up my lost more. It is my hope that I can get I to some of these OOS without paying more than what I will pay in-state. Not a huge budget. :confused:

Without knowing your budget or EFC it’s tough to recommend anything.

We live in PA. Our HS sends kids to Ohio State and Michigan State because the cost is equal or better than Penn State. I doubt you’ll get PSU cost low enough.

I’m assuming Michigan State is your safety and is affordable? Maybe Central Michigan too? Would Ohio State be an upgrade? Maybe if you could get the cost to be comparable.

I think you’re aiming too low. Michigan would be the obvious choice if you get in. MSU as a safety is great so you should be looking at upgrades. Look for schools that meet full need or offer great scholarships.

Some schools on your meteorology list that might qualify would be Arizona, Arizona State and FSU. Then aim higher like Cornell, Rice or other meets full need schools. Good luck.

National Merit Scholar semifinalist!

Hope that helps. EFC is in the 25,000-30,000 range. I’m not sure - it will differ from previous years since we will have 2 in college.

Full needs met sounds nice.


Way to go. I think your D will have nice options come April. The question is what kind of school she wants. If she becomes a finalist that opens more doors to several schools. One example. FSU would be about $17k. Google schools that meet full need and go from there. Good luck.

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