Chance me... Will chance back

<p>Gpa- 3.94 (will surpass 4.0 once first semester of senior year is accounted for)
Sat- (my weak point) math 720 reading 610 writing 590
senior schedule- ap calc, ap stats, ap lit, ethics, government, physics
First semester of senior year killed it with all A's so my gpa weighted is going to sky rocket over 4.0 so hopefully colleges will notice that. Grades have gradually improved every year of high school which I heard colleges like to see.
I am very involved in sports. Captain of soccer team and captain of track team. Also played basketball. Have had much success in both sports. All-state team and honors in both soccer and track.
Involved in a club that interviews veterans, transcribes the interviews and compiles a book. Have compiled 2 books in my 4 years involved. These books are recognized my the library of congress.
Volunteering: tutoring underprivileged kids, working at a shelter for sexually assaulted women and kids, lead a track camp every summer, etc.
Recommendations very good from 2 teachers who love me.
Common app essay is about being a triplet and how this has shaped me into who I am.</p>

<p>Chance you for what?</p>

<p>USC, boulder, Texas, Emory, northwestern</p>

<p>It really depends on what majors you are apply to. I am just going to assume you chose Business Undecided.</p>

<p>USC: Between Low - High Reach
Boulder: Safety (My friend got in without sending SAT/Toefl)
Emory: Between Low - High Reach
Northweatern: High Reach
Texas Austin? High Reach if you are not resident of Texas and safety if you are the top 8% of your graduating class</p>

<p>Please chance me back! <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>