Chance Me? :)

<p>I am applying to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, UChicago, Stanford, and Northwestern.</p>

<p>-Unweighted GPA: 3.86(all B's are in history/English classes in 9-10 grades, idk if my lack of English at the time justifies these grades or not), Weighted GPA: 4.36, Community College GPA: 4.0
-Weighted Class Rank: 23/419.</p>

-Ethnicity: Middle East (came from Israel right before Freshman year started, without parents), speak Hebrew and Russian fluently.
-Highest SAT in one sitting: 2130(reading 630, math 770, writing 730), also the last one out of the 3 that i took
-Super scored SAT: 2160(reading 630, math 800, writing 730)
-SAT 2's: Math2-800, Hebrew-800, Physics-720(will retake for 800), US history-670(will retake as well)
-AP's: Biology-5, Euro-4, APUSH-5, Calc BC-5(AB subscore5), English Lan-5, Psych-5, Stats-5, PhysicsB-5, PhysicsC-5(self study).</p>

<p>SENIOR YEAR 1st Semester
Hrs Spansih4
AP English Lit
Symphony Orchestra
Elementary Linear Algebra(at community college)
Engineering Physics II(at community college)
Advanced Linear Algebra(Independent Study at school)
Differential Equations(Independent Study at school)</p>

<p>SENIOR YEAR 2nd Semester
Hrs Spansih4
AP English Lit
Hrs Advanced Government Studies
Symphony Orchestra
Advanced Differential Equations(Independent Study at school)
Intro to Quantum Mechanics(at Kansas University)
Directed Readings in Proof Writing(at Kansas University)
Modern Algebra(the 1st graduate math course at Kansas University)</p>

-President's Silver Award for Community Service
-1st Place in Kansas on AMATYC(twice, this year and last year)
-2nd Place in 10 central states on AMATYC
-6 medals at state festival for superiro ranking for solo/ensemble performances with violin and viola
-7th Place at state science bowl
-Participated Last Year in Research with former Stanford Professor that got published in the Physical Review B
-AP national scholar(I realize that this is pretty much useless)</p>

-Played Violin in KC youth symphony for 2 years, played violin at district ans state orchestras soph year, mentored violin for 2 years and got 2 medals, gave private lessons last year.
-Played Viola section leader at school orchestra and district orchestra this year, will most likely be section leader at state as well.
-Founder and President of NCSP, a multi-state orgnization that combines music with community service/fundraising.
-Founder and President of school math club
-President of Ping Pong club, also hosted the first competition in my county.
-President of JSU Club, a Jewish cultural club.
-VP of KC NCSY, a city-wide religious Jewish club.
-Participated in the Summer Science Program (SSP) 2010
-Currently do Independent Research for ISEF with SSP's Academic Director</p>

<p>Hopefully I didn't leave out important pieces, haha. Thx for taking the time to read this and chance me!</p>

<p>All are unlikely with your numbers being what they are.</p>

<p>are you international? is middle eastern a boost? wondering myself</p>

<p>You need to add matches and safeties, these are all major reaches except for NU which would be a reach.</p>

<p>I agree with 2college2college. </p>

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