Chance me...

<p>Asian Male
GPA: 3.815(weighted)
SAT: 2240(780 Math, 700 CR, 760 Writing)
SAT II: Math Leve IIC 760, Chemistry 780
Junior AP: Calc BC(4), US History(4), AP Eng(3), Comp Sci(5), French(4)
Senior AP: AP Literature, AP Biology, MacroEconomics, Statistics
Activities: FBLA, Math Honor Society(VicePresident), Academic Team, National Honor Society
Sports: no school sports
Volunteer: Local Hostpital, Library and Church
Rank: High school doesn't rank,very competitive high school(Princeton, NJ), class of 600(def top 10%)
Recs: 1 Decent(AP Bio) and 1 Stellar(AP Calculus)
Essay: Very good, but nothing memorable</p>


<p>You look pretty competitive at UMich, although your OOS and race may hurt you a bit. But you should have a pretty good shot, especially with your scores.</p>

<p>looks good to me</p>

<p>what's your unweighted UMich gpa?
they do not care about weighted gpas...</p>

I haven't sent in the transcript so idk wut the UMich GPA is. Did you get in? I'm just wondering how much OOS affects me seeing that you're from NJ as well.</p>

<p>what is your umich gpa... or your unweighted gpa?</p>

<p>You definitely have a shot.</p>

<p>By the way, North destroys Princeton at soccer.</p>

<p>Don't worry. You are a lock. I had 1960 on my SAT and am of east indian decent. Haven't you guys hear of proposal 2?</p>

<p>I have similar stats and have not heard back yet, even though I applied October 1 and am instate. Slightly lower weighted gpa, but 2320 SAT and maybe slightly better ECs. Good luck though.</p>

<p>"I haven't sent in the transcript so idk wut the UMich GPA is."</p>

<p>i'm pretty sure umich goes by A (90-100)= 4.0, B (80-89)= 3.0, C (70-79)= 2.0, D (60-69) =1.0 </p>

<p>so just get a copy of your transcript and follow this scale</p>

<p>the only concern is that your umich gpa could be significantly below your weighted gpa.</p>

<p>peytoncline is right</p>

<p>Remove any non-academics (for this I think they mean classes like band, woodshop, gym, etc) </p>

<p>Take your grades and recalculate the gpa with:</p>

<p>A+, A, A- all equal 4.0
B+, B, B- all equal 3.0
and so on</p>

<p>It usually makes people's gpa lower if they have a lot of pluses (like B+ or C+) since they are considered no different from a B- or C- :(</p>

<p>dont they take out freshmen year too when they calculate the umich gpa</p>

<p>^ i think they may, actually</p>

<p>so, when you're doing your GPA, just do sophomore and junior year (since senior year isn't quite over yet)</p>

<p>I would love if they took my freshman year out. That is why my GPA is low :(</p>

<p>ndesai, although proposal 2 has made somewhat of a difference, you would be surprised what heavily endowed, advanced, and sophisticated colleges can do to get around proposal 2 easily and enforce their own will on the admissions process (and I'm not referring to Michigan, I'm referring to pretty much any higher level school in the nation with large numbers and billions in endowment), and that post above isn't the first time i've seen people posting on this website that asian people receive reverse discrimination on college apps, I don't know whether I agree or not because every individual case differs and that generally seems to be a popular/controversial topic(asians and indians being ORM, and africans and mexicans being URM) that is brought up in many threads, but regardless I think you're in OP unless some terrible luck falls upon you</p>

<p>i actually did just get in from NJ.
i had a 4.2 weighted and 3.65 umich unweighted. and 2240 on SAT. and 32 on ACT.
my ECs are prob a little better than yours...but i'd say you stand a pretty good shot.</p>

<p>From my reading, alot of OOS getting accepted are from New Jersey.</p>

<p>well...NJ was behind in releasing and then i think they caught up and released many recently. so it may seem like a lot, but not really relatively.
don't forget a lot of people from jersey apply and it is the most densely populated state and usually very competitive.</p>