Chance my son (Rising Senior) to CalTech/Stanford/UCs/Cal Poly SLO

When do the new thresholds come out for SJSU? Are these ever revealed before submitting applications so students will know beforehand? Has the threshold stayed the same, or gotten harder each year? I’m wondering how to advise my student for what to declare. Thanks.

SJSU has impaction results for Fall 2022, i dont know if this is the latest: Impaction | Admissions

The thresholds for 2023 are not available until after the Fall 2023 admissions are completed. You can use the 2022 thresholds as a guide which are linked in the above post. These are the latest numbers.
The thresholds can vary from year to year based on the competitiveness of each in-coming Freshman class.

Specifically for CS (the last 3 years): 3400,3400,3480
Frankly there is not a lot of room to go up. You can use these numbers.

For the most of the other majors, the impaction is easier to meet. It is more important to pick the right major that the kid really wants to study. Do not rely on getting into the second choice major as it rarely happens.

For Computer/Software Engineering, last year score was 4920. It also takes into consideration Math GPA.

Math Coursework Grade Point Average (GPA) - 400 points x Math GPA

Thank you. So based on last year, would not have made CS (took too many classes which works against you in this formula). So…I think safe to assume won’t get in for this year too since index hasn’t gone down but went up last year considerably-- will assume it stays the same this year. I am thinking will have to declare software or computer engineering then and will look into those majors more specifically to see the differences with CS. Too bad alternate major isn’t really considered and don’t want to chance that.

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2nd SAT did not end up well for my kid. He got his first admission to University of Pittsburgh(Swanson College of Engineering - CS).

He’s getting his honors essay reviewed and will submit for UPitt Honors college admission.


One in the bank! Congrats!


Congrats. You can also consider Rose-Hulman to see if it is a good fit.

He sent in the app and trying to get Recommendations sent/finalized. Same thing for Miami of Ohio also(needs some info from him).

He got admission into Oregon Tech (CS). His HS is very slow in processing Recommendation letters and Transcripts. Once they send those, I am expecting decisions from Univ of Arizona, Rose Hulman, Missouri S & T and Miami of Ohio.


U of Arizona doesn’t take letters - I don’t believe. Maybe for Honors…but not admission.

I don’t believe Missouri S&T does either - at least their website doesn’t show it.

It was HS Transcript for U of Arizona and Missouri S&T, Rose Hulman and Miami of Ohio.

Also, Miami of Ohio needs Recommendation letter from a HS Counselor or Teacher.

gotcha - even the transcripts are slow. ok - well good luck and congrats on one in the bag

Finally, son submitted his UPitt Honors essay today. His HS also sent Transcripts(I hope they are sent electronically).

Does anyone know how much time before colleges acknowledge receiving transcripts? He finalized his recommenders also. Does he need to add them to Common App and they will be sent emails to submit their recommendations.

Also, can the recommendation letters be reused for other colleges if needed? Thanks in advance for your insights.

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Once they are in the common app, they can be used for any of the schools. For schools which only need one recommendation you can select which one to use.

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Thank you for the clarification.

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