Chance on Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy!!!!! HELP!!?

<p>ok so after getting first SAT scores back, they were:</p>

<p>1610 (collectively)
500 Reading
600 Math
510 Writing</p>

<p>I have been took</p>

<p>Freshman year:
world history
algebra I
physical science
French II ADV
Instructional technology/ceramics
English I</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
Biology ADV
US history I ADV
Geometry ADV then went to normal Geometry , the teacher was brutal
Foods/Computer art
French III ADV
English II ADV</p>

<p>Junior year (currently in):
AP human geography
English III ADV
Chemistry ADV
US history II ADV
Algebra II
French IV ADV</p>

<p>Senior year (next year)
AP English
US history III ADV
Pre calculus
Physics ADV
AP Biology
AP French</p>

<p>my GPA (not sure if weighted or not) is 100.059</p>

<p>ok so really only have that one choice and obviously taking the SAT again, and ACT but what are the chances up till now? I have babysat since freshman year for free for an old lady, done French club since freshman year, and have about 50 hours of community service at the library; soon going to get a job over the summer and volunteering at the hospital and taking the Princeton Review SAT prep course.</p>

<p>Is this score too low even for the first time?? please any and all info would be appreciated.</p>

<p>*Additional Details
Sorry my school does numerical GPA and converts it when we are doing our applications</p>

<p>pleaseee helpp!!</p>

<p>hey i was wondering if you got in RU pharma? my SAT score is 1960 .. do you think that's too low compared to how competitive it is to get in today?</p>