Chance please

<p>Will be senior this fall and will be applying to these schools as an engineer. I understand I listed a ton of schools so feel free to only respond back to one of the schools if that is what you know. Any responses would truly be appreciated.</p>

<p>Applying to: Penn State (SHC), UMich, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Rutgers, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, Washu St Louis, Lehigh</p>

4/448 (Large avg public)
5.139/5.5 w
Sat: 1540/2300 (790 m, 750 cr, 760 wr)</p>

<p>EC: Student Body President, Class VP, Class Rep, Treasurer FBLA, Baseball (Freshman Captain, Freshman Offensive MVP, Sophomore Overall MVP), Math League Starter, Science League, Peer Leadership, Ambassadors, NHS</p>

<p>Volunteer: ~150 hours (work for elderly neighbor, work at church soup kitchen, various other activities with church, 2 mission trips)</p>

<p>bump 10 char</p>

<p>your extracurriculars are too weak for the ivies.</p>

<p>im president of my school, how is that too weak</p>

<p>There are roughly 35,000 high schools in the United States. Nearly all of them have class government elections, meaning that nearly all of them elect a class president each year, meaning, in other words, that there are 35,000 class presidents applying to college every single year. It’s an undifferentiated activity, and one that does not require significantly unusual talent. If you want a good shot at the top couple schools, you either need to have some interesting and unusual talent (see the jump rope and photography people here on this chance board) OR achieve at a very high level in the various well established academic/extracurricular competitions out there, eg. ISEF, NFL nationals, USAMO, USABO, USAChO, USAPhO, JSHS, recruited athlete, and a number of others that I can’t think of off the top of my head.</p>

<p>Being “at the top of your school” won’t cut it; you need to be at the top of the nation.</p>

<p>okay that makes sense</p>

<p>Penn State: Safety
Michigan: Match
Cal: Reach
Cornell: Reach
Rutgers: Match
Dartmouth: Reach
Princeton: Reach
Harvard: Reach
Yale: Reach
ND: Match/Reach
WashU: Reach
Leigh: Match</p>

<p>I would say in at PSU, Michigan, Rutgers, ND, Leigh, and maybe one Ivie. WashU is possible as are the Ivies. Hope this helps! </p>

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<p>Your SAT, rank, and GPA are all great! To seal the deal though, I would recommend working really hard on your essays and getting good teacher recs. Although I would consider the Ivies reaches, I believe that you would have a good shot if you picked some of your ECs and wrote passionately about them. Good Luck!</p>

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<p>thank you very much!</p>