Chance Plox??

<p>Hey guys, I'm a rising senior and just want to hear your thoughts on my chances at MIT, UC Berkeley, UVA, Georgia Tech & Carnegie Mellon for Mechanical Engineering/ Electrical.</p>

<p>Race/Hook: Uighur - We reside in the region of Xinjiang in China and are currently being oppressed by the PRC (People's Republic of China), I've participated in numerous ethnic protests in D.C. embassies. Our situation is kind of like the Tibetans. </p>

I took the hardest courses available for me and here is a list of my AP's
Freshman - All honors
Sophomore - All honors w/ AP World
Junior - All honors w/ AP US & AP Eng
Senior (Planning to take) -
AP Physics C
AP Physics B
AP Calculus BC
AP Comparative Government/ AP Government (2 courses in 1 period)
AP English Literature
AP Psychology
AP Computer Science </p>

<p>GPA - UW: 3.95 W: 4.28</p>

SAT I - 1st time: 1850, 2nd time: 2070 (M: 780, CR: 670, W: 620 (wth?) )
^planning to retake in October for 2200+</p>

<p>SAT II - US: 690 (retaking in Nov.), Math II: 780 (retaking in Nov.),
^planning to take physics in Nov.</p>

<p>Achievements/ EC</p>

<p>-Commemorated for scholarly achievement by David L. Bulova of the Virginia house of delegates.
-Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program (Accepted)
-Invited to attend a one week research and academic opportunity under the Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars program over the summer at the NASA Langley Research Institute.
-Optimist Essay Contest Fairfax Winner (First Place) February 22, 2011
-Optimist Essay Contest District Finalist (2011)
-Optimist Speech Contest Zone Finalist (2011)
-Third Place in ION mini-urban NXT regional robot competition
-Third Place in Engineering Category Fairfax High School Science Fair (2009-2010)
-Second Place in Science Olympiad Regional Helicopter Engineering Event (2011)
-Sixth Place in Science Olympiad Regional Wind Power Physics Event (2011)
-First Place in Science Olympiad State Ornithopter Engineering Event (2011)
-Awarded Certificate of Recognition by City of Fairfax School Board for Optimist Essay Contest
-Awarded Certificate of Recognition by City of Fairfax School Board for Science Olympiad
-Awarded Certificate of Recognition by City of Fairfax School Board for ION robot comp.
-First Place, 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournament, Robot Arm Event (2011)
-Vice President of Robotics Club (2010-2011)
-Robotics Club (2009-2010)
-Student Panel for the Fairfax City School Board (2011)
-Vice President of Chinese Club (2010-2011)
-Science Olympiad Regional Team Member (2010-2011)
-Math Honor Society (2010-2011)
-National Honor Society (2010-2011)
-Science Olympiad Athens Invitational Participant (2010-2011)
-50+ hours tutoring peers in mathematics creative classrooms (2010-2011)
-50+ hours volunteering at Green Acres Institution
-Member of the Fairfax High School Model UN (2010-2011)
-Varsity Math Team member (2010-2011)
-Fairfax Academy Ambassador (2009-2011)</p>

Counselor - Very good relationship
AP Physics Teacher -Very Very good relationship
Pre-Calculus Honors Teacher - One of the toughest teachers in the school and writes a recommendation for only a select few of her top students. I have a very good relationship with her and I freaking love math. </p>

<p>And...I think that's everything :D </p>

<p>P.S. If you guys have any questions please ask! </p>

<p>P.P.S. Oh and I freaking love robots too :D</p>

<p>is plox robot speak for please?</p>

<p>Yes, yes it is.</p>

<p>Looks pretty good. Get that SAT up and you'll look even better. I like how your EC's are very focussed on your passion. I think in your essays you should try and focus on some of your more "human" aspects. I say you talk about your ethnicity and identity. That would probably be interesting and help to mark you out as an atypical applicant.</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>When you say "Looks pretty good" do you mean even for MIT? Oh and I WILL GET THOSE SAT SCORES UP I PROMISE YOU MY FRIEND!!! I PROMISE YOU!!!! Thank you for your tips by the way! I will definitely consider talking about my ethnicity in my essay, although my love for robots is battling it out with my ethnic background over being the focus of the essay. Thanks again moonman676!</p>

<p>Do either one, as both are unique and interesting. Just make sure in your supplemental essays that you choose to write about the one you didn't write about in the commonapp essay. lol. Just make sure whatever you write about means a lot to you, and make sure that meaning comes out in the essay.
And for almost anyone MIT is a reach, but your stats are very focussed and your work is, seemingly, at a high level.
I am in a similar predicament as yourself, as I too have almost identical SAT scores, and plan on applying to MIT. Don't worry, I'm not applying to any of your other schools :)
Hopefully we both get in!</p>

<p>Haha it feels great to have a companion in the battle for college acceptance! Ill see you in MIT bro :D</p>

<p>Do you really need to retake Math II?</p>

<p>OtherWindow, I was thinking of not retaking it but I will be taking US and Physics definitely in November so I thought might as well. I don't really see a repercussion as I'm almost 100% sure I can get an 800 next time. I'm not obsessing over Math II just thought I should take advantage of the opportunity.</p>

<p>Sorry, just going to bump this thread because I haven't received much answers :p</p>

<p>Beep boop bump.</p>