Chance Ratings (Safety, Match, Reach)

<p>What catagorizes chances for those divisions?</p>

<p>Is it >50% chance for safety?
around 50% chance for match?
and <25% chance for reach?</p>

<p>I ask this because i just see everyone designating "Oh the ivies are a reach for everyone." This is plain BS because some applicants will have higher chances than others. A USABO is obviously at least a match (50%) chance at like say MIT: someone has to help the research professors out. I feel a lot of applicants would be matches for ivies but CC downplays their chances.</p>

<p>There are those that are a match for the Ivies I will give you that but at the same time on CC we don't have all the admission info such as recommendations and essays. So it is better here to downplay the chances a little and have them apply to other lower ranked schools than to have them app to only the Ivies and for one reason or another get turned down.</p>