Chance Stanford?

<p>So im just a freshman in high school and it might be too early to chance me but any suggestions would help in that case! I'm on my schools debate team, volunteering club, dance team, ending poverty and hunger club, do a lot of dance, volunteer regularly at a retirement center (i love doing it), have done some stuff at the hospital, math team, taken a class on chocking, have a 4.33 gpa (not weighted). I'm in all advanced classes and ahead in math. I have been to all of the continents in the world except Antarctica, over 30 countries in Europe (my moms whole side of family lives there), and all of the states in the us except about 4 or 5. My dad went to University of Chicago and Yale and is well known in his area. Growing up I did natural pageants and I love to act. Ive done a lot of plays and acting competitions. I placed top 10 in a internarional acting competition and am signed with several agents (I know that's not school related). I love to volunteer. It makeshift so happy to know I'm helping others. Im in the process of making my own charity for when I travel and can donate/ visit kids in need. Next summer I am going to Africa to help at a camp for kids with HIV/aids and for kids without families. Also, i went to a private school in Holland for a year.I've always dreamt of going to Stanford. What are my chances and any tips? Thanks!!!!</p>

<p>Makeshift should be makes me. Sorry!</p>

<p>Your EC's are looking good, but it's too early for the "chance" thing. A lot can change in three years.
But keep at it, you're on the right track.</p>

<p>worrying about getting into college is the biggest mistake you can make right now. It'll just make you an excellent hoop-jumper. Be yourself. Do what you like to do responsibly</p>

<p>You're definitely on the right track with some clear interests and passions. Just keep doing what you're doing! Also, if your GPA is over 4.0, that means it is weighted (unweighted GPA is on a scale of 4.0). I don't know what your unweighted is, but keep it above 3.9, stay on this track, and you'll be a competitive applicant!</p>

<p>Thanks. I got 4.33 due to some extra credit. That'd be unweighted, right? Thanks for the answers. I thought it might be too early but I just want to be on the right track. I love high school and am trying to live it fullest too!</p>